Tapered Turquoise Necklace

Tapered Turquoise Necklace

This tapered turquoise necklace is so simple to make and hangs beautifully on the neck. 

We have used our versatile sterling silver necklet wire which is a real favourite with our customers. With so many styles and types of gemstone beads to choose from that simply slide on to the wire, it is a very popular choice for creating effective and delicate necklaces, to see our full range of gemstone beads click here

We used our best-selling popular turquoise tapered bead set to create this eye-catching and on-trend necklace. 

Step by step instructions

Our sterling silver necklet wire comes complete with a clasp and crimps; one end is already crimped with a bolt ring attached; the other end is left unattached for you to add your selection of beads or pendant. 

Start by threading the turquoise beads onto the sterling silver necklet wire, using sterling silver 3mm round beads as spacer beads in between each turquoise bead. The wire is 0.6mm in thickness so acts as a needle to thread the beads on. You will use 14 sterling silver beads and have some leftover for your next project!

To finish your necklace, simply insert the unfastened end into the crimp supplied and squeeze gently with a pair of snipe or flat nose jewellery pliers

Suggested tools for this project

Snipe nose pliers or Flat nose pliers for bending metal wire and opening or closing jump rings

Books which may interest you

The Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery Techniques by Sara Withers

The Basics of Bead Stringing by Debbie Kanan

Beading Design by Kim Glover

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