Sterling Silver Lovebird Necklace

Sterling Silver Lovebird Necklace

This pretty sterling silver lovebird necklace uses our lovely new lovebird connector link. 

Step by step instructions

Cut the 45cm chain in half using side cutters. The connector is approx 3.5cm in length so you may want to cut a little more chain off if you want to keep the necklace the same length.

Start by using snipe and round nose pliers to wire wrap your amethyst briolette bead with 0.3mm sterling silver wire. We have a large selection of briolette beads if you would like to choose an alternative bead.

Using flat or snipe nose pliers open a 3mm sterling silver jump ring and attach it to the loop on the briolette bead and attach it to the loop on the lovebird connector link.

Still using flat or snipe nose pliers open a 3mm sterling silver jump ring and attach it to one loose end of the bracelet then attach it to one end of the connector.

Repeat on the other side using the jump ring to attach the other side of the connector to the chain.

Your beautiful, simple necklace is now complete!

We have used our sterling silver medium Flat trace chain but we have a large selection of chains for you to choose from, so you can easily make your own necklace using chain, jump rings and a clasp.

Suggested tools for this project

Side cutters - for cutting and trimming wire, head pins etc.

Flat nose pliers - for gripping wider surfaces, bending angles in sheet or wire and opening and closing jump rings or loops

Snipe nose pliers - for bending metal wire and opening or closing jump rings

Round nose pliers - for bending loops in wire

Books which may interest you

The Basics of Bead Stringing by Debbie Kanan

Beading Design by Kim Glover

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