12 Months Of Metal Challenge With Make It Kim

Watch Monthly Round Ups

January: Basic Cutting & Texturing For Jewellery Making

Kim Thomson shares her top tips on cutting metal, polishing and texturing your handmade jewellery designs.

February: Sawing Metal For Jewellery Making

Follow Kim's tutorials on how to use a jewellers saw, inserting saw blades, piercing internal shapes and cutting more than one piece of metal at the same time.

March: Forming Metal

Kim shares tutorials on doming, work hardening metal, annealing and making wire earrings!

April: Soldering Tutorials For Jewellery Making

Kim walks you through the soldering process, tools needed, types of solder, flux and techniques.

May: Cabochon Setting Tutorials

Kim shares tutorials on using pre-made cabochon settings and creating your own settings for jewellery making.

June: How To Use A Rolling Mill

Kim shares her top tips and tutorial on how to use a rolling mill to texture your jewellery designs

July: Riveting & Cold Connections For Jewellery Making

Kim shares her top tips and tutorials on cold connections including riveting.

August: Metal Etching Tutorials

Kim Thomson shares her top tips on electro etching metal for your jewellery designs.

September: Claw Setting Tutorials

Kim Thomson shares some brilliant tutorials on how to make your own claw settings as well as how to use pre-made settings too.

October: Reticulation Tutorials

Kim Thomson shows us brilliant tutorials on how to achieve reticulation on silver.

Find Out More About The Challenge...

Is 2019 the year you dive into silversmithing?

Kim Thomson is going back to basics with a brand new challenge! Each month Kim will be focusing on different skills and tools, documenting demos, tutorials, tricks and tips all on her Instagram page 'Make It Kim Today'

You will be able to find all the information for each month on this blog page - including all of Kim's videos and tips so you have a great resource to turn to. Not only this, we'll provide you with a list of supplies for each month, so you can follow along with Kim at home.

Kim - "I wholeheartedly believe that jewellery silversmithing doesn't have to be expensive, you can create beautiful ranges of jewellery with minimal tools and skills, if you have a good grounding in the fundamentals. I hope to show you how much is possible with so little but also enable you to keep building on your skills and tool set-up each month if you wish to keep developing your craft.

So whether you're just interested in giving it a go, looking to improve your confidence or hoping to gain some tips and tricks to make your jewellery making journey a little easier, I hope you can join me during #12monthsofmetal."

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Who Is Kim?

Kim Thomson is a silversmith who has been a customer of Kernowcraft for 20 years. Kim lives in Bristol and runs her own jewellery making workshops.

You may recognise Kim from doing the 100 Days Of Silver Challenge #MISilverChallenge in 2018, where she created 100 different designs using the same piece of silver.

Read all about the silver challenge here.