Jewellery Making Advice

Having seen our range of products, you might be wondering where to begin. We hope this section will help you to get started making your own jewellery without the need for a lot of tools or experience. All you need to make your own individual pieces of jewellery will be a little imagination and perhaps a pair of pliers. Experiment with a few ideas and different stones and you will soon be surprised with what you can put together.

Recent Tutorials


Jewellery Making Techniques & Product Advice

All the basic jewellery making techniques you will need to know from crimping, firing PMC, setting stones and much more... Plus information about using products like moulding compound, liver of sulphur and safety pickle.

Jewellery Making Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about jewellery making answered here...


Glossary of Jewellery terms

A handy guide and explanation to everything from jump rings to silversmithing tools and tecniques.

Gallery of Jewellery Ideas

Photographs of jewellery designs made by the Kernowcraft design team, by staff and some of our customers creations. Take a look for some inspiration and ideas or send us a photograph of your work to be included here!

Safety Data Sheets

Manufacturers safety data sheets