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Gemstone Setting Tutorials

Stone setting is such an exciting part of jewellery making! Here you will find advice pages and step by step projects to help you get started. Learning to set gemstones in your jewellery will open up a whole new world of colour and possibilities for your designs, there are so many beautiful natural gemstones to play with!

With stone setting, you will need to learn techniques and equip your workshop with particular jewellery making tools which you can learn more about below. There are many types of stones and jewellery making settings that will require different tools and skills, but don't worry - it's easier than you think! Using our advice pages, you'll be stone setting in no time...

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the information, tools and advice that are available, but it will provide you with the knowledge to get started. We always advise customers to have a go and learn a new skill!

Shop our full range of jewellery making supplies, including stone setting toolsjewellery settings and so many beautiful gemstones to complete your designs.

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This jewellery making tool kit contains everything you need if you want to give stone setting a go! It also includes a handy stone setting leaflet to guide you


Shop by your favourite gemstones and find cabochons and faceted stones in a range of shapes and sizes

Jewellery Settings

Explore our range of jewellery settings and mounts for your handmade designs. Choose from settings for cabochons and faceted stones, to create quick and easy earrings, rings, pendants