Making An Australian Boulder Opal Pendant With Stardust Mine

What Is A Boulder Opal?

Boulder opals are a very popular variety of opal (especially among our customers!) and one of our favourites. They are mined from large ironstone boulders underground and the veins of colourful opals form within the cracks - it's then carefully cut, shaped and polished. Opals are valued by their colour, the number of colours, size and play of colour within the stone.

Who Is Stardust Mine?

Basia is the creator of Stardust Mine Art, a self-taught metalsmith who has an independent jewellery line and a YouTube channel filled with amazing studio vlogs, tutorials, tool reviews and more. With the aim to inspire aspiring jewellers with free content where they can learn jewellery making techniques and skills in the comfort of their home.

Choosing The Stone...

We have been a huge fan of Basia's jewellery and wonderful YouTube channel for the longest time, so we were super excited about this collaboration!

We asked Basia if she would like to choose one of our stunning one of a kind boulder opals to show how she would transform it into a design.

This is the very stone she chose and secretly, we were hoping this would be the one as we're so in love with its unique, green flashes! Watch the video below to see the process.

Watch How Basia's Makes An Opal Pendant Below

Below, Basia shows you how she transformed our magical opal into a pendant...

Behind The Scenes...

Basia shared sneak peeks of the design process over on her Instagram page and it got us really excited about seeing the final piece. She asked her followers whether the opal should be set as a ring or pendant and let them decide what finish it should have.

We think you all made a wonderful choice with going for the pendant and floral detailing.

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Each one is unique and one of a kind, so once they're gone, they're gone!

Find Out More About Our Boulder Opal Suppliers...

Every year, we're lucky enough to have our opal supplier visit us all the way from Australia so we can hand pick the most beautiful boulder opals for you.

We've so proud to have a 20 year long-standing relationship with Debbie and her husband and that we have the chance to support another small, family business just like ours.

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