How To Set Gemstones In Claw Settings

Claw settings offer an alternative to the usual bezel style cabochon gemstone settings as well as a beautiful way to set a faceted gemstone. These settings are great if you don`t want to or do not have time to make your own stone settings. They are perfect for making into rings, earrings, pendants and brooches. We supply claw settings for both gemstone cabochons and faceted stones.

The following step by step instructions show how to set a faceted gemstones in a clawed ring setting. When setting a cabochon in a claw setting for cabochon stones , you will not need step two - where you cut notches in the claws to fit over the angled sides of a faceted stone.

Tools Needed

You will need a set of needle files, pusher, burnisher & side cutters.

You may also find the following helpful - burrs, graver, stone setting pliers and a ring clamp.

Step 1

Whilst holding the ring in a clamp and place the faceted gemstone in position. If necessary ease the claws out to allow the stone to sit at the correct depth or alternatively remove some of the metal from inside the setting using a suitable sized burr.

If the claws are too long they may be cut to the required length using side cutters or saw.

Step 2

The following images will show you the principals of the techniques to adjust the setting to fit your stone and then set the stone in place.

You will want to remove the stone from the setting so you don't damage it whilst cutting and filing the claws, but remember to keep checking the fit of the stone in the setting as you go. Using a needle file, graver or burr, cut a fine groove in the claw where the girdle of the gemstone touches the claws.

Step 3

File the top of the claws to an angle of about 45 degrees using a needle file.

Keep checking your stone in the setting so you don't remove too much metal by mistake.

Filing the claws so the metal is thinner will make it easier to ease the claws over the stone.

Step 4

Without using any undue force place the stone into position making sure that it is level.

Using a pusher or stone setting pliers gently ease the claws over until the gemstone is sitting level and is held firmly in place.

Step 5

Finally ease over the tops of the claws so that they are flush with the top of the gemstone, being careful not to mark the stone.

File away any sharp edges and shape the claws to give a smooth round finish.

Polish the tips of the claws using a burnisher and your claw setting will be complete!

The following images are example we have made up to show how claw settings look when they have been set with gemstones...