7 Ways To Make Your Own Gemstone Ring

Gemstone rings are so much fun to make and are one of the most popular pieces of jewellery!

Discover a range of gemstone ring projects to inspire you, starting with beginner-friendly ring settings all the way up to more advanced jewellery making settings you can make yourself.

You will find a variety of ring settings on our website, plus all the tools and supplies you need to get making! Don't forget to check out our large range of gemstones to complete your designs.

For more inspiration, take a look at our jewellery making kits and free tutorials on a range of techniques. Tag @kernowcraft in your designs on social media for a chance to feature!

Use Beginner Ring Settings

If you're at the start of your jewellery making journey, we recommend checking out our popular ring settings as limited tools are needed! The rings are already made and have a setting for you to easily allow you to add and set your favourite gemstone.

Flat Plate Ring Settings: Set With Glue

Flat plate settings are so easy to use! Simply apply Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue to the setting and set your favourite cabochon which is the same size as the setting. Many of our rings are adjustable which makes them a perfect choice for a handmade gift.

Gallery Wire Ring Settings

Gallery wire settings are great if you love a decorative finish on your jewellery. Pop your chosen cabochon stone into the setting and use a bezel rocker to gently push the claws over the stone to set in place. It's that simple!

Watch how easy it is to make a ring using a setting

Use Wire Wrapping Techniques

Wire wrapping allows you to get creative with designs! There are so many styles of rings you can create using wire - you just need to experiment! See a few examples below using gemstone beads and check out our range of free wire wrapping tutorials here for more guidance on tools and techniques.

A Chinese turquoise chip bead ring, wire wrapped with 0.8mm sterling silver round wire.

An amethyst and blue lace agate round bead ring, wire wrapped with 0.8mm sterling silver round wire.

Watch us create a gemstone bead ring using wire below

Use Bezel Cups

Bezel cups are used for setting cabochon stones and are widely used by jewellers. They are ready-made settings ready to be soldered onto your designs, allowing you to create professional looking designs quickly and easily! Once you have soldered the cup onto your design, such as a ring band, you will need to insert a cabochon stone and use a pusher or bezel rocker to push the bezel over the stone to hold in in place.

This project shows a bezel cup soldered onto a textured square ring band, set with a beautiful blue goldstone cabochon. These types of rings are really popular and great for everyday wear.

You can find the kit and suggsted tools you need here.

Bezel cups are available in a range of metals, shapes and sizes to choose from. It's important to note that although usually your chosen stone will fit the cup, there is a size tolerance with stones and adjustments may be necessary to alter the setting to fit the stone. Read more about calibrated gemstones here.

Watch how to make a ring using a bezel cup below

This video is part of the 12 Months of Metal series with Kim Thomson, available to watch in full for free on our blog.

Make Your Own Bezel Setting

To push yourself further, you can also make your own bezel setting from scratch! This is an advanced technique that requires more tools and supplies, but the results are so rewarding. This is a great technique to use when you have an irregularly shaped stone that would not fit into a bezel cup.

In this project, guest tutor Oonagh walks you through the steps of creating your own bezel set ring. Oonagh uses metal sheet to create a bezel setting, this is an alternative to using bezel strip and offers a more chunky design as well as providing a stronger setting.

This project is a great one to follow if you want to create a ring for an irregularly shaped stone! Using bezel strip, this setting also features decorative beaded wire, which makes the design even more eye catching. 

Use Snaptite Settings

Snaptite settings are super easy to use, they have pre-notched, tensioned claws which 'snap' around the faceted stone to hold it in place. Sold as loose settings, they are ready to solder onto your design before setting your chosen stone.

This ring tutorial is part of the 12 Months of Metal series with Kim Thomson. Showing you how simple loose snaptite settings are to use! Watch more of Kim's tutorials on claw settings here.

Shop our loose snaptite settings, as well as earstud and pendant settings.

This video is part of the 12 Months of Metal series with Kim Thomson, available to watch in full for free on our blog.

Use Basket Settings/Pre-Notched Settings

At Kernowcraft, we offer pre-notched settings, also known as basket settings which have claws that have pre-notched indentations where your faceted stone will fit which means you won't need to file or cut your own. They are a great introduction to claw settings and if want to push yourself further in your metalsmithing journey.

You may need to make adjustments to the settings, but you will likely only need a pair of snipe nose pliers and a pusher to set your chosen stone in place.

Tutor Kim, shows you how to use a pre-made basket setting in the video below - part of the 12 Months of Metal video series available on our blog.

This video is part of the 12 Months of Metal series with Kim Thomson, available to watch in full for free on our blog.

Create A Tube Setting

A tube setting is a brilliant technique used to set round faceted stones, allowing you to elevate your design and show off your chosen stone. A really popular and professional design which is great for everyday wear!

Guest tutor Kim Colette, walks you through with step by step photos of the process - plus a recommended tools and supplies list so you can have a go for yourself.

Shop metal tube in sterling silver and 9ct gold with Kernowcraft. Available in a range of diamters, sold by the cm and cut to the length you require for your designs.

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