What Is A Bezel Rocker?

What Is A Bezel Rocker?

A bezel rocker, also known as a bezel roller is used in jewellery making to set cabochon stones in pre-made settings such as bezel cups. It has a curved surface which is used to 'roll' a bezel over the stone and helps to prevent any creases or unsightly marks in the metal.

How To Use A Bezel Rocker

Once your stone is sitting within a bezel cup, you can use a bezel rocker to gently rock it back and forth with a downward pressure to push the bezel around the gemstone, working from all sides of the bezel to trap the stone in place and create an even finish. A bezel rocker can also be used on gallery wire settings using the same movement.

Why Choose A Bezel Rocker Over A Pusher?

Many jewellers use a pusher to push a bezel around a stone, however a bezel rocker offers a more professional finish. We would recommend using a pusher for claw settings for faceted stones but it's all down to personal preference and what tools you find most comfortable to use.

How To Use A Bezel Rocker For Setting Gallery Wire Settings

Not only are bezel rockers used for bezel cups, they are also brilliant for using with gallery wire settings. These are a popular choice for setting cabochon stones, available as pendants, rings and link settings for fun and creative designs. Simply pop your chosen stone in the setting and use the bezel rocker to gently push the claws over the stone. Watch our tutorial below.