Emerald Leaf Chandelier Earrings

Emerald Leaf Chandelier Earrings

These delicate emerald chandelier style earrings are a beautiful way to showcase the gemstone beads and to practice your wire wrapping technique. Emerald is the birthstone of May and is said to be the stone of infinite patience. These earrings would make a beautiful gift for anyone born in the month of May. 

Step by step instructions

To start with, line up your beads (6 for each earring) in the order you want them to be, this gives you a good idea of how they will look when strung.

Then with side cutters cut the 0.3mm sterling silver wire into 12 x 3cm lengths (if you're using larger beads you may need to allow a longer length wire to wrap these).

Take the first piece of wire and form a loop one end using the round nose pliers, leaving a short length one side of the loop. 

Thread the left hand ring of the three loop connector onto the wire so the it sits in the loop. 

Take the shorter length of wire and wrap it around the longer length to create a tight neat coil, 2 or three twists should be fine (tip: you can use your pliers to help hold the wire whist wrapping). 

Cut off any excess wire as close to the coil as possible then use the snipe nose pliers to make sure it's tucked in and there are no sharp points.

You then use the free end of the wire as an eye pin, thread the first bead onto the wire, place your round nose pliers after the bead then bend the wire to a right angle. 

Form another loop and repeat the process of tightly wrapping the wire back down the pin towards the bead. This should leave you with two loops either side of the bead and wire coils between the loop and the bead, this secures the bead on the wire.

Now you need to use this wrapping technique to form your chain. 

Start again by using one of the lengths of wire and creating a loop one end as before - this time threading the end loop of the previous bead onto the loop before wrapping it closed . 

Thread the next bead onto the open end of wire then create the loop the other end and wrap back down towards the bead, cutting off any excess and finishing with the snipe nose pliers. You then need to repeat this with the remaining 4 beads - but before closing the end link of the last bead you need to thread it onto the right hand ring of the three loop connector. 

This completes attaching the chain the three loop connector.

For a step by step photo breakdown of creating a wire wrapped chain, click here

Now you just have to attach your ear wires...

Use your snipe nose pliers to open the loop at the base of the earwire and thread the top ring of the 3 loop connector onto it, closing it after. 

For more information on opening and closing jump rings successfully - click here.

Duplicate the same process to create the other earring to complete the pair.

With such a wide choice of gemstone beads there's plenty of options to choose from! To check out our full range of gemstone beads click here.

Suggested tools for this project

Side cutters - for cutting and trimming wire, head pins etc.

Round nose pliers - for bending loops in wire

Snipe nose pliers - for open and closing jump rings

Books which may interest you

'The Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery Techniques' by Sara Withers

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