Pearl Bar Necklace

Pearl Bar Necklace

The necklace design is really easy to make and needs only some pliers and snips for the wire work - a great project to practice basic wire wrapping skills!

We have used beautiful cultured freshwater white pearls, ideal for wedding jewellery. If you like the design but fancy using an alternative gemstone, browse our huge collection of gemstone beads and faceted rondelle beads which are delicate and sparkly and would also work really well with this design.

Remember to ensure your wire size is appropriate for the beads you are using. We have used 0.3mm wire.

This kit contains a 40cm strand of cultured freshwater rice shaped pearls, with approximately 75 beads so you can make lots of other jewellery using them!

Step By Step Instructions

Find the half way point in your chain and cut it in half using side cutters.

For this design, we have used our sterling silver mini belcher chain as it is one of our favourite lightweight styles and the links are easy to attach your wirework to, however you can choose any of the chains from our collection.

Next, take about 10cm of 0.3mm round wire. You may wish to harden the wire a little before use as it is quite fine and flexible. An easy way to do this is to hold either end of the wire with snipe or flat nose pliers and twist gently in opposite directions, you will notice after twisting a few times the wire will feel a little stiffer.

Now use round nose pliers to form a loop about 2cm down from one end.

Thread one end of the mini belcher chain into the loop and then create a tight neat coil with the wire by wrapping the shorter end around itself.

For a detailed step by step instruction including clear photographs to help you learn the technique click here.

Next, start to thread the pearls onto the wire. 

You can decide on the length of the bar that you want for your design, you can either use the full amount of pearls or a shorter length which would leave you some spare pearls that you could make into some complimentary earrings or perhaps a bracelet (this project also has more wire than you need for just this necklace design, so you will have some spare to create other designs with).

After threading on your pearls, leave enough wire on the other end (about 2cm) to complete the necklace by using the same wire wrapping technique to attach the wire onto the other side of the chain and wrap around the wire neatly to secure.

Your necklace is now finished!

These necklaces look lovely on their own but even more stylish when layered with other necklaces.

You could also make this design into a bracelet by using a 19cm bracelet sized chain

Suggested Tools For This Project

Side Cutters

Round Nose Pliers

Snipe nose pliers or flat nose pliers

Customise Your Kit

Make the design your own by using your favourite jewellery supplies.

Shop gemstone beads

Shop pearls

Shop chain

Kernowcraft's jewellery making kits are aimed to inspire you - therefore the step by step instructions are available online only with a shopping list, where you can easily customise the design to suit you. We recommend printing or bookmarking this page ready to follow.

The suggested products used in this project are suggestions to inspire you. Products used were compatible at the time of making but do be aware that gemstones are natural and hand cut stocks can vary, so do use your own common sense as to the compatibility of each item when making.

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