Apatite & Sand Dollar Earrings

Apatite & Sand Dollar Earrings

This is such a simple project and one you can continue to customise with charms and beads of your choice!


Simply cut a length of wire about 5cm long and form a loop with round nose pliers.

Twist the wire around the fix the loop in place, you will need to snip off any excess wire with side cutters and squeeze the end of the wire for a neat finish.

Thread the bead onto the wire and start to form another loop.

Now it's time to add your charm before you secure the loop.

Wrap the wire around the loop to secure it in place, and again trim any excess wire.

Twist open the earwire loop and add the bead and charm.

Close the loop with round nose pliers.

Repeat for a beautiful pair of earrings!

Read our advice page on this technique used to wire wrap the bead, including step by step photographs.

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