Amethyst And Peacock Feather Charm Earrings

Amethyst And Peacock Feather Charm Earrings

These beautiful charm and bead earrings are perfect if you want a pretty nature inspired design. This design is a great choice for the nature lovers and those born in February, or why not customise the look with different charms of your choice?


1. Cut a length of wire about 10-15cm in length to start wire wrapping your bead.

2. Form a loop with a pair of round nose pliers and twist the were around to fix the loop in place. You will need to snip off any excess wire with side cutters and squeeze the end of the wire for a neat finish.

3. Thread the amethyst bead onto the wire and start to form another loop.

4. Wrap the wire around the loop to secure it in place and trim away any excess wire.

5. Open a 3.5mm jump ring with a pair of snipe nose and flat nose pliers and attach one end of the beaded wire by the loop and add the feather charm by the loop at the top before closing the jump ring again.

6. Open another 3.5mm jump ring and attach the opposite end of the beaded wire by the lop and add the earwire by the iris flower loop. Close the jump ring.

7.Repeat all previous steps to complete the other earring.


Snipe nose pliers or flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

You may like to get our pack of pliers & side cutters which is an economical way of buying all the pliers you will need for every project!


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Kernowcraft's jewellery making kits are aimed to inspire you - therefore the step by step instructions are available online only with a shopping list, where you can easily customise the design to suit you. We recommend printing or bookmarking this page ready to follow.

The suggested products used in this project are suggestions to inspire you. Products used were compatible at the time of making but do be aware that gemstones are natural and hand cut stocks can vary, so do use your own common sense as to the compatibility of each item when making.

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