Black Spinel Briolette Necklace

Black Spinel Briolette Necklace

This beautiful spinel briolette bead makes such a great simple pendant. This project uses basic wire wrapping techniques for a simple yet effective design. 


Start by wire wrapping the briolette bead - click here for step by step instructions with photos of how to wire wrap a briolette.

Use side cutters to cut your 0.3mm sterling silver wire to length - we recommend a length of wire approx 15-20cm for wire wrapping briolettes.

Thread the briolette bead onto the wire.

Place one crimp on the end of the wire and squeeze the centre tube part of the crimp with snipe nose pliers to secure in place.

Test the crimp to ensure it is secure and repeat on the other end of the wire with the other crimp.

Twist open the loop on the bolt ring with snipe nose pliers, and add the loop of one of the crimps on the of the necklace.

Close the loop and fasten the necklace.

Your design is now complete!


Side cutters

Flat or snipe nose pliers

You may like to get our pack of pliers & side cutters which is an economical way of buying all the pliers you will need for every project!


Make the design your own by using your favourite jewellery supplies

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How to wire wrap a briolette bead

Read our wire wrapping advice pages with tutorials


The Basics of Bead Stringing by Debbie Kanan

Beading Design by Kim Glover

Kernowcraft's jewellery making kits are aimed to inspire you - therefore the step by step instructions are available online only with a shopping list, where you can easily customise the design to suit you. We recommend printing or bookmarking this page ready to follow.

The suggested products used in this project are suggestions to inspire you. Products used were compatible at the time of making but do be aware that gemstones are natural and hand cut stocks can vary, so do use your own common sense as to the compatibility of each item when making.

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