25 Additional Jewellery Making Supplies For Your Collection

This post is for the jewellers currently making with basic tools and supplies, looking to expand their collection!

The list is endless when it comes to purchasing jewellery making tools and supplies, so we’ve chosen our top favourite products which could help you at the bench and hopefully speed up your processes, making certain methods easier for you. Although these are not essential supplies, they will certainly come in handy on busy days at the bench.

You can buy any of the products featured below on our website and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Nylon jaw pliers

Nylon jaw pliers are great for using with wire and findings as they do not damage, mark or scratch your work. Great for using when opening and closing jump rings and for straightening wire too. The nylon jaws will need replacing once worn - replacements can be purchased on our website.

Jump ring mate

When you’re in a rush, this jump ring mate can save you time when it comes to opening and closing jump rings – eliminating the need for two snipe nose or flat nose pliers. Simply slide onto your finger, place the jump ring in one of the slots and use pliers to open and close it.

Half round pliers

Not every jeweller starts by using half round pliers! These are great for quickly and easily bending curves in metal sheet, flat or D-shaped wire. One of the jaws of the pliers has a half round cross section and the other is flat, which makes it easy to bend and shape metal into a complete ring shape.

Headband magnifier

We absolutely love this in the Kernowcraft office and we use it often when selecting stones or working on our own handmade jewellery. It has a double LED light and four magnifying lenses, making it great for using if you’re working on small and fiddly work. It can be worn with prescription glasses and is a handy tool to have for all kinds of crafts.

Bead reamer

If you’ve bought gemstone beads, you will know that the drill holes can be tiny and can be frustrating when your chosen thread or wire doesn’t fit. That’s when the bead reamer comes in to save the day by gently enlarging gemstone, ceramic or pearl holes. 

Steel bench block

The steel bench block, also known as flat plate or planishing block is great for wireworkers and metalsmiths. Use it for hammering on and for forming metal wire and sheet.

Chasing hammer

You may already have the basic jewellery hammers such as the ball pein hammer and rawhide mallet but do you have the chasing hammer? Use it for forming metal and raising shapes – we’d recommend using this alongside our steel bench block. 

Disc cutter tool

You will probably know the frustration of cutting out circles by hand using a jewellers saw! If you want to save hours of time making discs, the disc cutter tool is for you. It comes with 14 different sized punches and will cut a perfect metal circle every time.

Third hand

The third hand is one of our favourite tools as it offers an extra hand in the workshop. It has tweezers mounted on a weighted base with an adjustable arm. Use it to grip your work so you can go hands free when it comes to soldering your pieces – making it easier and also allowing you to join pieces accurately, resulting in a more professional finish.

Dremel Multi Tool

If you’re a jewellery making beginner looking to improve the quality of your handmade pieces, we couldn’t recommend the Dremel Multi Tool enough. It’s one of the most universal tools on the market, used by both hobbyists and dedicated jewellers enabling detailed sanding, carving, engraving, cutting, grinding, cleaning and polishing. 

Jewellers loupe

This jewellers loupe is designed to be held in the eye socket to closely examine stones, jewellery and tiny objects. You never know when this could come in handy!

Caliper gauge

This steel caliper gauge is a great tool to grab if you want to quickly and accurately measure a stonesetting size, wire diameter and any other items where accurate sizing is essential.

Wheatsheaf ring gauge

If you often meet up with customers, have a shop or attend craft fairs, this ring gauge is a brilliant addition to bring along for accurately measuring finger sizes. It’s marked with sizes from A-Z plus six additional larger sizes.

Radial bristle discs

These Scotch-Brite radial discs have a graded 3M ceramic abrasive grain technology, providing polishing, cleaning and finishing without the need of chemicals and compounds. They are flexible, making them brilliant for reducing clean up time by getting into awkward to reach places.

Barrelling machine

This barrelling machine will save you so much time polishing your handmade jewellery. It tumbles stainless steel shot around in the spinning barrel which impacts on your jewellery acting like thousands of tiny hammers polishing it to a high shine.

Cut Lube

Use this effective Cut Lube tool lubricant wax on your jewellery making tools to make cutting easier and prolong the life of your tools!

Alligator tape

If you haven’t heard all the rage about alligator tape, where have you been?! We couldn’t be without this tape at the workbench. Wrap it around your fingers to protect them from minor cuts, abrasions and burns.

Liver of sulphur

This is one of our best sellers! Liver of sulphur is used to create a patina on your designs, creating an antiqued black or coloured effect. It’s great for using on textured designs to bring out the detail for added decoration.

Renaissance wax

Renaissance wax is used to create a clear, protective seal over your designs which helps protect it from oxidisation and also protects any patina on the surface. You can even use it to prevent your jewellery tools from rusting.

Thermo Gel heat barrier

Thermo gel is a great addition to your workshop if you often repair jewellery. Apply it to areas of your work that you don’t want heating during soldering. This is especially good to use on stones that could become damaged due to heat or for using on multiple soldering joints close together.

Gemstone Size Guide

A handy double sided laminated A4 sheet with accurate sizes for cabochon and faceted stones. This is a useful reference to help you visualise stone sizes when designing jewellery and to ensure you order the correct sized stone. It's also great to use as a quick guide to measure stones that you already have in your collection.

Charcoal block

Charcoal is an excellent soldering surface as it reflects the heat back onto the metal being soldered for quicker heating as well as creating a reducing atmosphere (consuming the oxygen around the piece being soldered) which helps reduce fire stain.

Brass doming block & punches

Love creating shapes and adding dimensions to your jewellery designs? Use the doming block with punches to create gentle curves, bowl shapes and half round domes in metal.

Hand vice

A hand vice is a handy tool which is used for holding and supporting jewellery items – especially irregular shaped pieces that are tricky to hold with your hands. It has a flat head with 8 pegs and 60 holes, position them around your work to gently clamp it in place while you work on the piece. 

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