19 Boho Inspired Jewellery Designs

Festival season is here!

At Kernowcraft, we adore handmade boho inspired jewellery designs. It's all about expressing your creativity and creating something quirky and out of the ordinary that can be worn with confidence.

These boho jewellery designs are often seen at festivals and are especially popular in the summer. This is where we can expect big and bold designs, with colours and textures that really stand out. We love seeing statement gemstones used in these boho designs, gemstones such as turquoiseopalagate and tiger's eye are all popular choices.

Today we're sharing with you jewellery designs created by a range of jewellers, all giving us those bohemian vibes that we just love.

We also give you inspiration and examples of how you can create similar designs using gemstonesthreadscharms and more.

We love these stacking rings, featuring New Lander turquoise and opal created by Nina Rambelli! Layering rings, chains and bracelets are a great way to incorporate different gemstones and charms into your design, while also adding textures with the use of cords and threads.

Crystals and rough gemstones...

Crystals are so fun to experiment with, choose from different colours and shapes to create bold designs. You could create eye-catching earrings, a statement necklace or even create a unique headband.

Beautiful leather necklace. Using leather cord and mystic green crystal quartz points.

Evergreen Creations

We have a huge range of crystals, from pendants to nuggets for your jewellery designs.

Choose from a wide range of colours to suit you, whether you want the summery look with a bright pink or a more natural design with clear quartz.

Our crystal points come in different gemstones, styles and shapes, use with any of our threads to complete the look!

Natural elements...

Nothing beats completely natural and rustic treasures that you can transform into beautiful pieces of jewellery. Nature can create pretty amazing things like seashells, sand dollars, geodes to man-made pieces such as sea glass. This is also why gemstones are so popular, these natural gemstones connect us with the universe and nature - and how great that we can wear them!

You can also use charms which have natural themes to create simple and easy designs, we have a huge range of sterling silver charms that would be perfect to wear at festivals. Simply hang from earrings or create a necklace!

Layering chunky silver and sea shells for a dreamy bohemian vibe.

Caja Jewellery

These natural fossilised sand dollars are beautiful! They have a smooth surface and are perfect for creating a ring or pendant. Stories suggest they are lost coins of mermaids, which make them even more magical to us.

You could easily create a bezel setting for these to create earrings or a pendant.

Silver feathers with amazonite

- Jennie Glaze

My oak leaf earrings are perfect festi/boho chic - all handmade from sheet & wire with faceted agate for added sparkle.

- Laura Jayne

My Feathers Appear Necklace is definitely a great design for a summer festival. It’s made with Sari Silk Ribbon and some great silver chain which is just out of the photo. The Spanish silver feather charm just finishes it off perfectly.

- Louise Roberts

Gemstone briolettes are perfect if you want to add a pop of colour to your designs.

We have a huge range of briolette beads, including these stunning mystic coated quartz. Simply hang onto a thread or necklet and you're ready to go!

Explore our range of sterling silver and 14ct gold vermeil charms, we have beautiful designs which are perfect for festivals and boho designs.

From whale tails pineapples hamsa hands moons to feathers!

Wire Work

A multi-wrap and twist copper patina and single Baltic amber centre bead to marry all of the beautiful colours of copper together. For the middle wires I used heat (torch) to give it a variation of colour from salmon pink to burnt orange/red; then I soaked the entire ring in nothing but rice wine vinegar and crushed sea salt (for the blue/green patina to take form). It is rather a slower process but very much worth it in the end. I wasn't aiming for anywhere specific or an all over green/blue patina, all I wanted it to do was form naturally as it would a penny on a city sidewalk. Which is where the ring got its name: "City Sidewalks".

- Pamela Axford


Moons and stars can always be spotted at festivals.

Crescent moons are especially popular and these can be seen as rings, necklaces and earrings - they make us think of the wonders of the universe!

Crescent moon danglers

- Emily Booth

Statement Gemstones

Free form and unique gemstones always make an impact in boho jewellery designs. It's their natural beauty which makes them so popular. You can also use small gemstone cabochons to create stacking rings which also creates a statement design using natural gemstones and different colours.

From magical labradorite to mysterious opals, you can find a one-off gem that you can transform into a piece of jewellery.

Just finished this Sail Ring with a beautiful New Lander turquoise from Kernowcraft.

Aktaie Jewellery

One-off gemstones are always so fun to play with and make gorgeous statement designs. 

I think this ring from Ana needs its own pic. Another stunning (labradorite) stone from Kernowcraft.

Saffron Anaphoenix

Back home and I set the stones in my spinning rings as soon as I got up. Rainbow Moonstone, African Garnet, Blue Chalcedony and Aqua Chalcedony.

- Silver Pickle Jewellery

Chunky moonstone ring with a Kernowcraft moonstone.

- Seline Leatherbarrow

A dreamy bohemian flat lay by Monickka

Moonstone grey tassel earrings - perfect for a boho festival vibe

- Sarah Jones

Our moonstone gemstones are so popular! These white moonstone cabochons are a milky, translucent white stone which has a lovely sheen when moved in the light.

These blue moonstone cabochons almost glow! They have a stunning blue iridescence, which will make your designs stand out from the rest.


Layering and stacking is a big thing in festivals and summer looks. Layering chains is very popular, while also using different pendants to add colour and texture.

Don't be afraid to mix up your jewellery too like wearing different earrings in each ear - why not have a hoop in one and a stud in the other? It's all about experimenting!

Stacking rings with turquoise

My Liu Design

Opal and topaz with hammered bands, perfect colourful summer rings

-Oonagh Pebble Knowles

My tiny curvy stack rings look lovely messily worn.

- Isabella Day 

Turquoise Every Time...

Turquoise is often used with more in bohemian jewellery, with bold statement necklaces, rings and bracelets. Turquoise briolette beads are great to use in dangling earrings or you could go use subtle hints of turquoise in your designs.

More turquoise newness. The golden veins in this stone are so special I wanted to keep it for myself but then reality hit and I remembered mama's got to pay those bills so I've put it up for sale.

Olivia Street Silver 

Turquoise, known as 'the master healer stone' is adored by jewellers for its unique colour and beauty. Shop our large range of turquoise.

Turquoise, tiger's eye and seed bead choker 

-Chickadee Emp orium

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