14 Jewellery Designs Inspired By Nature

As we're located in Cornwall, we're surrounded by stunning coastline, rugged cliffs and floral woodlands. We're so lucky to be among nature and it always inspires our jewellery designs. All throughout the year, nature changes and brings new ideas, textures and colours so it's no surprise that many jewellers focus on nature within their designs.

Over on Kernowcraft's Facebook page, we asked you to share your jewellery designs inspired by nature and we wanted to share some of our favourites on our blog. There are so many different designs including sea glass, statement gemstones and textured metal.

We've also created The Nature Collection filled with natural gemstones, limited edition stoneseco-friendly metal, nature inspired charms and so much more to give you new ideas for your upcoming designs.

Camping scene from my new 'into the wild' collection.

- Corinne Evans

Setting is a cast eucalyptus pod.

- Belinda Norrington, Wild Acre Designs

Moulded from mini shells I collected from beaches in Australia. Bought to life with beautiful pure silver studs. 

- Poppy Pawsey, Ruby & Flo

nature inspired jewellery
Inspired by chamomiles which were growing in our garden, I created this bead embroidered necklace. Before I started to create the necklace, I spent some time in the garden to sketch these beautiful flowers.

- Daila Belozerova

We love this autumn leaf inspired design by Mary Breeze.

Inspired by primroses that grew on my Grandparents farm in North Devon I made this necklace and earring set from polymer clay.

- Sue Davis

Seaglass are my favourite pieces to do every time... each little piece of uniqueness.

- Sam Birkinshaw

Floral band with moss agate.

- Gin Griskeviciute-Bileviciene

Mystic Forest Collection.

- Free as a Bird Jewellery Designs

Ivy leaf ring with one of your gorgeous rainbow moonstones.

- Oonagh Pebbles Knowles

Mother nature inspires all my jewellery.

- Saffron Jewellery

Many of my designs are inspired by nature, both flora and fauna. This brooch is one of my recent designs, a copper tree with rustling leaves on a tigereye cabochon.

- Sarah Silkyfish

A happy childhood.

- Katarzyna Przychodzka

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Oak encircled, part of the forest collection. I have others such as flora, fauna and the seed collection.

- Sally Grice, La Lievre Jewellery

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