What Jewellers Think Of Alligator Tape

Look after your greatest tool - your hands!

Alligator tape is an essential in every jewellers workshop, used to protect your hands and fingertips from minor cuts, abrasions and burns. It's so important to look after your hands when jewellery making, especially during busy periods when you're rushed off your feet getting designs finished.

This finger protection tape comes in a 90ft roll, which is long lasting and once wrapped around your fingers, it's easy to remove - meaning you can pop the tape back on if you need to leave the bench.

The alligator tape is thin and flexible, providing great grip and making it ideal for filing, sanding, polishing, buffing, grinding and stone setting. It only sticks to itself and tears easily so you can top up your tape quickly - and we must say, we're quite a fan of the green!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch us apply the finger protection tape.

Enough of us raving about our finger protection tape, hear from the jewellers on social media who use it every day...

A post shared by Fawn And Rose (@fawnandrose) on

Kernowcraft alligator tape is the reason I still have fingers and not stumps

- Fawn & Rose

My old used finger protectors, without these I would have no fingers!

- William White Jewelry

Beautiful colours on this rhodochrosite, the edges have been edged to leave it with the boho rustic look. Just a final polish... thank goodness for the alligator tape Kernowcraft

- Lily Alexandra Handmade Silver

A post shared by Lisa (@flutterbiesden) on

Testing out my new alligator tape from Kernowcraft. At first I didn’t put enough on but was great when I got it right!

- Lisa, Flutterbies Den

I had a bit of an accident last week, so this week I'm securing my fingers with alligator tape from Kernowcraft. I'm such a klutz in real life, let alone with tools!

- Copper Moth Design

Busy in my workshop today! Finally got round to using my alligator tape and protecting my fingers! Off for a manicure Friday so didn't want to make their job too difficult!

- Trinkets By Moonlight

Got so fed up of sanding off the tips of my fingers and getting blood everywhere, so my amazing girlfriend bought the best invention ever for me... #alligatortape, courtesy of Kernowcraft. Honestly, this stuff is incredible and is going to save me from so much pain! #workplaceinjury

- Ebon Crow

Who knew such a simple thing could be so life changing?! My new alligator skin tape arrived yesterday to protect my fingers whilst I'm working! No sore fingers this morning and my manicure is still in tact

- Girl Makes Rings

A post shared by whitby gems (@whitbygems) on

Thanks Kernowcraft for your alligator skin tape it's fantastic! Saving my hands

- Whit By Gems

Showcasing 'Hands at Work'! I have been ultra busy with orders this week, and my fingers are in a bad way. They are very sore and I definitely could not continue if it were not for alligator tape from Kernowcraft - it is my saviour. I am having some time out for them to heal this weekend

- Silver Pickle Jewellery

A post shared by Andrew Berry (@andrewberryuk) on

Fingers take a lot of wear at this time of year. Alligator tape is a good way to protect them

- Andrew Berry 

Finally found a way to stop myself from polishing off my fingertips! Thank you Kernowcraft for my #alligatortape! Wish I’d known about this before the mammoth Christmas polishing sessions. Going forward I might actually be able to use Touch ID on my phone!

- Silver Green Jewellery

My fingers and fingernails take such a battering when I’m making my jewellery, what with all the filing, hammering and polishing it’s difficult to keep them looking nice but the alligator tape from Kernowcraft is perfect! I can work away as if I didn’t have it on whilst still being able to have my nails done every few weeks and keeping them like freshly polished nails!

- The Silver Stable Jewellery 

So, apparently, the way I hold my file has been giving me a callus on my middle finger. Not sure why it took me this long to think of putting alligator tape on it. Anyone else have calluses from making jewelry... or is it just me?

- Le Jewelry Designs

A post shared by Lyn (@donut_child_) on

My fingers are safe! Thanks to my Facebook friend Lynn. Also a big shout out to Kernowcraft who appear to be the only UK stockists of alligator tape. I can carry on working thanks to you

- Lyn, Donut Child - a doll maker, showing alligator tape isn't just for jewellers!

Can't live without... my precious alligator tape! Alligator tape isn't adhesive but clings to itself, a bit like vet wrap or kinesiology tape. I use it to protect my fingers when I'm filing silver and cut out a bit of heat when I'm using polishing wheels. It also helps me to keep a grip on small items as I suffer from major butterfingers!

- Maxwell Harrison Jewellery

When you get home from the school run and realise you forgot to take off the alligator tape... it helps my fingers but not sure the other mums get it!

- Genny Wren Silver

Proving that sometimes I *do* have nice nails - alligator tape from Kernowcraft is totally the way forward! Especially when you’re rocking Dior nail varnish! 

- MMM Jewellery Design

Protecting the nails to see if they will survive the workshop with finger tape from Kernowcraft. love it!

- Tracey Silver Boo

Kernowcraft - you know you are a jeweller when you can't find a plaster so rely on that trusty alligator tape!

- Jenny O'Neill Jewellery

Jewellery making isn't the most glamorous job and if you know me you'll have seen my 'worker hands'. I've finally got some finger protection tape, it seems to be working okay so far

- Worm Child Jewellery 

Watch how to use alligator tape below...

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