Our Jewellery Book Recommendations

Here at Kernowcraft, we do love a good jewellery book! Even though there is a plethora of information to be found on the world wide web, nothing beats reaching out for a new book and having a good browse.

Read on to find out about our go-to jewellery making books...

Sustainable Jewellery 

Picked by Sarah

'This book is so different to the other ones we stock - it's a complete breakdown of how to create a sustainable brand. 

It really explains everything in a clear step by step way and made me think about things that I wouldn't have otherwise. It's one of those books that you can dip in and out of and it's a bit of an eye-opener actually!'

This book brings together all the things that jewellers need to know to start on the path toward sustainability in their business, from the traceability of precious stones and metals to the impact of production processes, sales systems, social actions and so forth, as well as the criteria for working with certified materials.

Stonesetting For Jewellery Makers

Picked by Stanya

'As someone who is new to jewellery making, I find this book absolutely fascinating.

The book starts with information on all the tools and equipment you'll need and explains each one in great detail. It gets deeper into the subject of stone setting and all the possible techniques you could use. 

This was, and still is, my go-to book when I started learning about jewellery making. The book gets more advanced as you read on and become more advanced yourself. It's an absolute gem of a book (pun intended).'

Whether learning to make settings from scratch or choosing and working with ready-made mountings, this book teaches you varied techniques, treatments, and innovations used in jewellery making specifically stone setting.

Wax Carving

Picked by Hayley

'I love this book as wax carving is like sculpturing in miniature for jewellery designs.

This book has clear photography for each step by step instruction for creating wax carvings using this ancient technique. The beautiful examples also inspire you and give you confidence in creating more complex designs. 

This book is a great introduction for beginners wanting to try wax carving but need a base from where to start.'

This book is for you if you want to learn the art of wax carving and discover how to make more exciting and creative jewellery.


Picked by Kathryn

'As someone who is interested in gemstones and jewellery making, this is a book that I often refer to.

The book is a mine of information from how gemstones are formed and the treatments that may be applied to each type of stone through to what to look out for in each gem when looking to use them in your jewellery making designs.

All of this information is accompanied by beautiful illustrations of not only the stones themselves but also examples of jewellery made with them.'

This is a beautifully illustrated book is a complete reference for goldsmiths, jewellers and jewellery makers. It is a comprehensive guide to identifying, buying using and caring for an array of jewels and gems.

Colour and Textures In Jewellery 

Picked by Elaine

'I like this book as it really fires the imagination on what you can use to make jewellery. 

It not only gives you ideas on how to texture and colour regular mediums used in jewellery like metal but also touches on using wood, resins and enamels plus others. I personally like the section on patination on how to get some great colours but I definitely want to try out some of the casting ideas. 

A must-have if you want to take your jewellery making to the next level.'

This book covers a range of techniques and materials which can be used to bring excitement, meaning and interest to your designs. It encourages you to experiment, make samples, bend the rules and see what the results are. Follow detailed advice to apply the techniques to your work.

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