18 Handmade Emerald Jewellery Designs

Are you a fan of May's birthstone, emerald?

⁣⁣This precious gemstones is a variety of beryl, with a gorgeous green colouring we just love - the deeper the green, the more valuable the stone! Emeralds are known for having inclusions and we think this only adds to the beauty of the stone. It's said to be a protective stone, used to help intuitive awareness and meditation.

We've chosen some of our favourite customer designs to inspire your designs! Share your creations with us on social media for a chance to feature and use #Kernowcraft. Find us on FacebookInstagramTwitter.

At Kernowcraft, we have a beautiful selection of emerald cabochons, faceted stones, nuggets, beads and limited edition stones for your handmade jewellery designs, online now...

The featured image showcasing Hayley Agar Jewellery's sterling silver ring, with a faceted emerald stone taking centre stage!

Sophie Cunliffe created these gorgeous 18ct recycled gold, granulation studs with emerald cabochons for a 55th anniversary gift. 

How beautiful is this silver tube setting using a 4mm faceted emerald stone! Design by Yvonne Hutchen.

Julia from Bijoux De Chagall wows with this Byzantine style unique handcrafted natural emerald and mother of pearl filigree pendant. The solid yellow gold mirror polished insert is shining through the pearl filigree and creating a stunning glowing effect!

Tegen Foote creates this bespoke commission using a customers own natural column complete with pyrite nuggets and emerald in 9ct yellow gold.

Jo Tubb from Gemheaven Jewellery calls this the 'Ascension' necklace, featuring a wonderful statement emerald!

We love these stacking rings made by Victoria Liddell Jewellery, featuring emeraldtanzaniteamethyst and crystal.

You can't beat a hand stamped message! Yvonne Hutchen creates this stunning bracelet, featuring a 4mm emerald cabochon and emerald bead.

Dana Bassotta creates these magical emerald stud earrings! We love the detail in this piece.

Talk about a statement design! We love when the gemstone takes centre stage and this design by Daniel Pike is so beautiful.

Samantha Ryde creates a matching emerald set with hand stamped accents...

Claire Howard is well known for her stacking rings! This set features white topazemerald and amethyst.

How adorable is this personalised birthstone bangle, featuring an emerald cabochon? Such a special gift for a birthday! Design by Victoria Liddell Jewellery

We love a sneak peek into the process of a design! This design features rose cut emeralds set into earrings by Laura Jayne.

Sound Of The Sea Jewellery - "This was some old sentimental jewellery melted down and incorporated with a rustic emerald my nan had given me around 23 years ago. The chunky brushed silver works so well with this rough gem!"

How can you resist raw emeralds? These work so beautifully in a rough necklace! Design by Marketa Jerabek.

Zoe Lister combines pearls with emeralds for a bespoke design.

Silver and rose cut emerald earrings by Lyzanne Pereira.

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