14 Jewellery Designs Using Metal Clay

Discover the magic of metal clay! It can be moulded, sculpted and formed just like modelling clay and can be fired in most cases with a gas torch. Once fired, the clay turns into 99.9% pure silver which is hallmarkable and even purer than sterling silver. We share with you some of our favourite metal clay jewellery designs below and show you all the kinds of possibilities there are with this clay. We hope it inspires your creations...

Discover Customer Designs To Inspire Your Jewellery Making

Emma Wyatt Art: "This piece was made with a mould I made from a succulent plant. I set it with a synthetic opal and gave it a hidden bail."

Saffron Jewellery - "Reversible birch wood pendant made from 999 fine silver clay and 24-carat gold leaf."

We love this adorable metalsmith inspired bird featuring a hammer and saw, made by Teresa Jardines.

Oberon Jewellery" "An art clay silver ship in a bottle pendant... with torch fired enamel detail on the waves..."

Rowan & Roses Jewellery - "Cherry print, heart pendant made with silver clay and a rose quartz bead."

The Magic Of Fireflies & Dragonflies  - "One of my first makes... with metal clay silver."

Oberon Jewellery - "A big articulated art clay bumble bee made from art clay silver and ags gold paint on the highlighted sections..."

Deb Briggs creates an eye catching pendant from art clay, featuring a gorgeous turquoise cabochon.

Rebecca Wilbur Jewellery - "Rings inspired by the Cornish coast. All made with pmc silver."

Bone Idols - "Real Hawthorn tree leaf, made using PMC silver clay."

Luxury Leaf Designs - "Took a lot of blood sweat and tears to make this one! Metal clay embellishments with labradorite, andamooka opal and little Australian opal."

Sycamoon Jewellery - "Made with PMC and the tear-away technique; elvish script ring enhanced with a bit of keum boo."

Times To Treasure UK creates a coastal-inspired pendant featuring a tiny gemstone!

How beautiful is the detail in this coastal boat design by Elsa Grigg?!

Shop Metal Clay Tool Kit

This metal clay tool kit contains all the tools and supplies you need to make your first metal clay design, including our handy leaflet guiding 

Magical Metal Clay Jewellery - Sue Heaser

This book explains varying techniques and tools plus for the more advanced metal clay user, there are new discoveries and a chapter on using clay paper, sheet as well as an overview of using a kiln.

Learn more with Kernowcraft

Magical Metal Clay, Nature & Gems With Susan Studd

In this interesting interview, we chat with jeweller and tutor Susan Studd all about her jewellery making story, why she loves sharing her knowledge with students and her love of nature which inspires her designs.

Susan also shares her advice and top tips on getting started in metal clay yourself!

Essential Tools For Working With Metal Clay

Metal clay is a brilliant way to get creative as it can be moulded, sculpted and formed just like modelling clay!

It's so easy to use and in most cases can be fired using a gas torch, in a kiln or even on a gas hob.

When getting started it can be overwhelming to choose the metal clay supplies and tools you need, that's why we've put together this page to help you learn more about how these tools can help you make and finish your metal clay design.

Let's Talk Metal Clay With Lisa Cain

Lisa is the Founding Director of the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery, based near St Austell, where she is an artist, educator and innovator.

She has been teaching and working with metal clay longer than anyone else in the UK.

Read about her journey with metal clay over on our blog!

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