15 Statement Onyx Jewellery Designs We Love

Onyx is one of our most popular gemstones and we love seeing what jewellery designers make using this statement stone. Onyx is an affordable stone and is often used in big and bold designs for rings, pendants and earrings.

At Kernowcraft, we have a beautiful range of onyx cabochons, beads and pendants in many shapes and sizes - at the bottom of this page, we've featured some of our jewellery making kits featuring this gorgeous stone - give them a try!

Take a look below at some of our favourite customer designs below and be inspired for your next make...

Woven Gem Designs

A beautiful combination of juicy red garnet and dark striking teardrop onyx in a wire wrapped design

Deco Jewellery

A minimalist design featuring onyx donuts hung on sterling silver hoops

Gem Heaven Jewellery

Jo creates these dreamy leaf earrings featuring checker cut onyx cabochons

Skari Jewellery

"This little critter just makes me happy. The onyx and rose cut amethyst combination is just dreamy!" - A perfect design for Halloween

Rowan & Roses Jewellery

A stunning statement onyx jewellery piece with delicate detailing on the pendant of a flower and leaves

VS Studios

"This lovely, statement ring was made for one of my friends. I used several layers of textured silver representing her wonderful personality. What would life be without friends... ❤️"


A lovely design combining green onyx and peridot - 2 green gems we adore!

NR Jewellery Design

Combining garnet and onyx for a statement bangle - we love the added patina used to give this design a vintage feel


Did you know onyx can come in other colours as well as black?

Tiffany Halls

We love a chunky make! We can never get enough of our jet black onyx cabochons. We love how onyx take centre stage in, surrounded by sparkling silver 💍

Moonsalt Jewellery

Onyx and sodalite - a combination we didn't know we needed until now!

Wild Moon Silver

Checker cut onyx! A great way to add a touch of sparkle to your design.

CMS Design

This wonderful textured pendant features onyx and lavender amethyst for a showstopping piece.

Fitz Earle Jewellery

- "Finished this gorgeous 🖤 black onyx ring with gold and textured band.... straight out of the Aztec."

Honest Silver Alchemy Jewellery

- "This pendant was a super special make, born from conversations with a very important lady in my life about spiritualism & wonderfully cosmic things."

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