Our Favourite Customer Designs Of 2022

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Each year we love to look back over your handmade jewellery designs using Kernowcraft gemstones and supplies. We are always amazed at the creativity of our customers and how each design is truly unique - we can often recognise designs due to jewellers' signature styles!

We've looked back through our tagged posts on Instagram and have picked some of our favourite designs to share with you below. These designs feature a range of jewellery making techniques from stone setting, silver clay, texturing, wire wrapping, granulation to engraving. We are so thankful for this community of jewellers, we love connecting with you and discovering new makers - thank you if you have ever shared your designs with us.

We hope you love these jewellery designs as much as we do and maybe they'll inspire your designs for the new year. We can't wait to see what you all have in store for us next! Make sure you're following us on social media (find us on Instagram & Facebook)

Feral Soul Jewellery: "Clear quartz and iolite. Snake Babies are back and just as cute as always! This time with a combo of clear quartz and Iolite and I'm in love!

The clear quartz sphere in these actually spin and is designed to help with anxiety. They're great to fiddle with and super pretty and always get compliments when worn!

Clear quartz is considered a “master healer.” It's said to amplify energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. It's also said to aid concentration and memory. Physically, clear crystals are claimed to help stimulate the immune system and balance out your entire body.

Iolite crystals are used to help recover a lost sense of balance. They are often recommended to those suffering from a feeling of disorientation or a lack of motivation. The stone strengthens our resolve to take on new responsibilities and carry them out properly."

Saffron Anaphoenix: "Gorgeous otter earrings off to their new home, swimming round stunning iolite gemstones from Kernowcraft. Iolite is named after the Greek word 'ios' meaning violet. The rich purple-y to blue hues of iolite earned this gemstone the nickname of Water Sapphire.

Iolite is not a sapphire, It’s a member of the cordierite mineral family, but also earnt the name from being the 'The Viking Compass' due to the stone’s pleochroism. The Vikings used these gems to help them navigate the seas on cloudy days. The gem acted as a polarising filter and allowed ancient sailors to determine the approximate position of the sun."

This incredible design won our Kernowcraft Gems competition back in August!

Little Home Bird Jewellery: "Another day, another commission. I loved creating this beautiful gemstone bangle, who wouldn’t love this stunning blue opal from Kernowcraft."

Moss And Fern Silver: "My mum asked for a ruby ring! I bought this beautiful stone from Kernowcraft before Christmas and procrastinated for months - eventually, this is what I did, trying to create a silver forest floor scenario for the stone. My mum loves it yay!"

Silver Nutmeg: "Not easy to capture, but I love the sparkle of Kernowcraft’s blue goldstones. They are like miniature galaxies full of tiny, sparkling stars!"

Crafts Of The Shoreline: "I saw these London blue topaz stones on Kernowcraft and had to had them... even though I had no clue what to do with them. Some 0.3mm sterling silver wire and a couple of tutorial videos later this is the outcome. What do you think?"

Learn how to wire wrap a briolette bead with our tutorial.

Lots Of Love Jewellery: "I’m welcoming in the month of love with my handmade silver heart necklace that I have embellished with a beautiful Peruvian amazonite from Kernowcraft. I love how it gives the design a bit of a boho vibe.

The heart has been textured and domed to give it a lovely tactile feel. Perfect for valentine’s."

Honeybee Designs: "Any February birthdays out there? This one’s for you! Believe it or not, this beauty is an amethyst and if you are born in February then you probably know that amethyst is your birthstone.

You might not have known that the traditionally purple gemstone can also come in this beautifully delicate shade of green. Also known as Prasiolite, this ‘green quartz’ can occur naturally but is incredibly rare. Most green amethyst available today is created from heat treated natural purple amethyst. Hand carved and cast silver signet ring with a 10x8mm faceted green amethyst…"

Kim Jane Jewellery Designs: "I love working with anything sparkly. This is a cubic zirconia stone and the sparkle on this ring is amazing! I love wearing it and it’s perfect for the Christmas season."

HJ Jewellery Design: "Fully obsessed with this one of a kind padlock necklace! I used blue paua shell, something I’ve not used before! It looks so dreamy in this starburst centre."

Sterling Stone Jewellery: "Obsessed with this turquoise stone James got for me to celebrate finishing uni."

Browse our current collection of freeform cabochons.

Sea Rose Jewellery: "Chinese turquoise chip beads from my stone source Kernowcraft. My absolute favourite colour #kernowcraftgems"

Explore Kernowcraft's chip beads.

This beautiful gemstone bracelet is one of our favourite designs of the year, made by Cat Stacey Jewellery in collaboration with Kernowcraft! We absolutely loved Cat's finished design using our Turundu 'sapphire' rondelle beads. This beginner-friendly beading tutorial shows you how to make your own beaded bracelet featuring Flex-Rite jewellery wire, wire guardians and an extender chain.

Includes video tutorial and list of recommended tools & supplies.

Moana Matron Designs: "Whilst I still don't think beading is really "my thing" I did find the process quite relaxing, especially stringing the beads. It reminded me of pointillism, and embroidery, very repetitive and soothing."

Explore Kernowcraft's beads and beading/wire wrapping tutorials

Silver Me Jewellery: "In love with these rustic necklace charms!."

I Love Dolly: "Another share of these kinetic aquamarine beauties I made recently - with two silver discs to each earring, textured on good old concrete slabs in my back yard and with handforged swirl detail. Handcrafted using traditional silversmithing skills and basic tools and the most exquisite aquamarines from Kernowcraft."

Learn about creating a patina with liver of sulphur on our advice page.

Surferg1rl: "If you can be a mermaid, always be a mermaid. Lovely supplies from Kernowcraft. Can’t resist keeping the green one!"

Shop our collection of beginner friendly ring settings. This mermaid ring only requires a dab of glue to set your chosen cabochon stone.

Silver Sapling Jewellery: "It's funny to think back to when we first designed these barnacle rings, not knowing just quite how popular they would be! Very grateful to every single person who has bought their own little cluster of silver and gold crustaceans. And they've now ended up in some quite far flung corners of the world. I think the furthest we've posted one to is Hawaii... or Australia - which is furthest?!"

Hannah Rose Jewellery: "I made this snowflake bracelet featuring a stunning indigo-coloured iolite the other week. Love the icy vibes that it radiates!"

Explore Kernowcraft's rose cut cabochons to add some sparkle!

Sycamoon: "Made myself a ring with a sea motif, Kernowcraft had some gorgeous tourmaline slices and I just had to get one."

Browse our current collection of gemstone slice cabochons.

Tide And Trove: "I had the privilege of making this lovely piece and now that it’s been gifted I can finally share it. Half eternity; 100% recycled buttery gold and sapphire. The brief - organic, rustic, resembling treasures from the past. 6 bezel set sapphires, designed to be very special, but low profile enough that it can be worn every day without catching or the risk of losing a stone. The gold and blue is a beautiful combination - a traditional concept with a very contemporary finish; I love a half eternity!"

The Little Red Hen Jewellery: "I love the blue and green flashes on these gorgeous faceted labradorite beads. These dainty recycled silver earrings feature a leaf pattern and labradorite faceted bead drops from Kernowcraft."

Skylark Jewellery: "No doubt about it, jewellery is a luxury but that doesn’t mean it needs to ‘cost’ the earth. Right from the start I have used almost all recycled silver and gold to create my jewellery. Gem stones are ethically sourced and packaging recycled/recyclable. I have a vision of creating pieces that you feel great in... twice over! Once because they’re beautiful and twice because you’re supporting a way of working that takes care of our precious world."

Featuring faceted aquamarines

Silver Folly: "I have now added a natural garnet stone to my snowflake pendant design. Can’t think of anything more perfect for winter!"

This wintry design won with our November Kernowcraft Instagram Challenge!

The Pine In The Valley: "I love to work with brass and copper. They have such beautiful warm tones! Here’s my sunburst pendant: inspired by the 60s sun clock that hung on my grandparent's wall, with a little citrine cabochon from Kernowcraft in the middle to add a little extra 🔆."

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