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We've found the jewellers creating cosmic ripples in the jewellery world - being inspired by shooting stars, the glowing moon, starry night skies and galaxies far far away. We love the use of statement gemstones, with designs using labradorite and moonstone for those magical vibes. We also see some incredible jewellery using goldstone, a gem with magnificent flecks that resembles the night sky. Explore gemstones and incredible handmade jewellery below and be inspired for your next make.

William White creates an out of this world solar system ring! Using faceted stones to represent each of the planets and a gorgeous citrine cabochon centred in the middle. A wonderfully unique design!

Shop our range of faceted stones in a range of shapes and sizes for your handmade jewellery designs. This photo features our mystic fire topaz, they have a mesmerising titanium coating making them dazzle in a kaleidoscope of pretroly colours. A great choice for those galaxy inspired designs.

galaxy inspired jewellery

Ruby Sparrow Design creates the most beautiful statement designs using one of a kind gemstones such as labradorite and rainbow moonstone. These gemstones create a beautiful range of natural colours, which make these moon inspired pieces even more magical. 

'I love making these mystical pendants and I love wearing them even more! Who doesn't love the moon?'

Goldstone is produced when metal particles are suspended within glass to give it its magical twinkle! Copper is used in the brown-red version of goldstone and cobalt is used in the blue variety to make silver flecks. We think that blue goldstone looks just like a starry night sky!

A Frozen Star - "Blue goldstone looks like a tiny galaxy."

We couldn't agree more and how beautiful is this ring? Did you know that blue goldstone is a manmade stone that was discovered by Italian monks?

La Femme Boheme is known for creating utterly stunning statement designs using mainly turquoise and labradorite stones. All of Vivian's jewellery is inspired by Mother Nature, and moons make a strong appearance in many of her designs - we are so in love with this chunky crescent moon and labradorite cuff!

Somachi from Machi Jewelry designs a lovely range of gemstone jewellery, including a collection of 'Adroa' crescent moon rings using amazonitegarnetlabradoriterainbow moonstone and amethyst. The boho ring featured above is made using brass and features a gorgeous labradorite cabochon. We love how the band has a gorgeous hammered effect which adds texture to the design.

Labradorite has a strong presence when it comes to galaxy inspired jewellery! This magical gemstone has a beautiful play of colour, its stunning iridescent is caused by internal fractures that reflect the light back and forth. At Kernowcraft we have a brilliant range of labradorite cabochons, faceted stones and beads for your handmade jewellery designs - including one-off pieces for those statement designs.

Moonstone is such a popular gemstone, it has a gorgeous glowing sheen of blue and white - resembling magical moonlight. It's available in a range of colours such as grey, brown, pink and of course rainbow! At Kernowcraft we have a range of stunning moonstone cabochons, faceted stones and beads in a range of variations, shapes and sizes.

galaxy inspired jewellery

Bea from 13th Psyche has created a new collection of galaxy-inspired jewellery. This includes spinner necklaces featuring planets, asteroids and shooting stars! This collection is so creative and unique, the perfect gift for those who love astronomy. The necklaces are created using brass, with a bead placed in the middle and completed with a delicate chain.

La Femme Boheme - "My favourite combination - moon and moonstone! Aside from the obvious play on the word, I feel like the cosmic theme is deepened when I combine both components into a piece, like these earrings I made a while ago..."

Our extensive range of quality jewellery chain, necklets and bangles includes sterling silver, 14ct gold filled, 9ct gold and silver and gold plated chain in a variety of styles from snake to belcher and trace chain.

galaxy inspired jewellery

We absolutely love the idea behind these zodiac necklaces. Liliia from Magic Twirl creates hand-painted necklaces with acrylics and very small brushes! Each item is protected with a varnish coating, making these necklaces perfect for birthday gifts.

Sometimes keeping it minimal can be the most effective! These mini crescent moon and star stud earrings made by Machi Jewelry are so simple and lovely.

We love this custom order made by Oonagh, featuring a blood red garnet and a brass crescent on a sterling silver ring.

Meet the Jeweller

Meet The Cosmic Jeweller, Vikki Hall

Vikki has released The Cosmos Collection, exploring the themes of galaxies and the magic that surrounds space. It's a stunning range of designs, using a combination of gemstones such as citrine, amethyst and moonstone

More and more people are becoming fascinated with space and it's wonderful to see jewellers creating unique and special designs using this theme.

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