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Using Crystals For Jewellery Making

Crystals have always been a popular choice within handmade jewellery, especially with the focus being around boho and festival designs. 

At Kernowcraft, we have so many crystals and rough gemstones to choose from. Whether you're after crystal points, rough nugget beads or ready to wear pendants - we have something for everyone! 

Check out some ideas below using crystals for modern and contemporary designs and get all the supplies you need to get making.

Lauren from 'Firenza' makes this stunning wire-wrapped crystal pendant an elegant piece that catches the light beautifully.

Emily from 'Studio Roan' showcases her amazing rough crystal jewellery through the use of copper metal. This provides a cosmic and unique look.

Jessica from 'Roses and Whiskey' creates this beautiful sterling silver bangle with rough crystals. These crystals have amazing shapes, really making each jewellery piece a one of a kind design.

Carolyn Anne Jewellery creates pretty jewellery using beads! This is so simple yet beautiful, using wire-wrapping techniques to create a crystal point necklace. This is a great way to put all the focus on your chosen gemstone.

Sanne from Fijnzilver creates these pretty tourmaline crystal earrings with golden detailing, made especially for her mum! "Her style is quite different from mine so I wanted to make something that suited her while staying true to my own creativity." 

We absolutely love these rough crystal wire wrapped rings made by Erranim

How gorgeous is this design by Jenny from Sea Surf Rocks! We love the geometric shapes and the added dimension the chain brings.

Iasthai creates an elegant claw setting to wrap this gorgeous peridot crystal! A beautiful sterling silver ring made for a special friend. 

The Chakras & Stones For Beginners

Learn more about chakra gemstones, their meanings and how to use them the create beautiful handmade jewellery, so you can keep these healing gems close by.

Healing crystals are becoming more popular especially in jewellery making.

A lot of our favourite jewellers use crystals in their jewellery for their amazing positive energy and healing properties.

Find out more about chakra in our blog and see if crystal jewellery making is going to be your next project!

Creating Crystal Jewellery With Jessica From 'Roses & Whiskey'

We chat to Jessica from 'Roses & Whiskey' all about her stunning handmade crystal jewellery! 

Jessica is a self taught jeweller and works full time on her designs from her home studio, focusing mainly on healing crystal jewellery. 

We hear all about how Jessica uses crystals in both her personal life and within her designs, as well as finding out more about her design processes along with top tips for fellow jewellers.

Electroplating & Crystals With Studio Roan

"All of my pieces are handcrafted with the earths minerals, the metal revering to the unrefined stones I use. I create healing talismans to ignite daily magic, with cosmic influence."

We chat to Emily from Studio Roan all about her handmade jewellery designs. We find out why Emily loves using organic gemstones, copper and electroplating techniques. 

Plus we discuss all things web design and photography - two important parts of running a handmade jewellery business.

Statement Crystal Jewellery With FIRENZA

We chat to Lauren from Firenza all about her wonderful, statement crystal jewellery! 

Lauren has loved crystals since childhood and first discovered jewellery making when she decided to have a go at wire wrapping a crystal. She hasn't looked back since and continues to grow her skills in metalsmithing and stone setting. 

Hear all about Lauren's business journey below, where she also shares top tips on building a handmade jewellery business and advice on giving the craft a go for yourself.

Ellie has been making jewellery since 2014, creating intricate wire wrapped designs.

Taking inspiration from nature, Ellie creates one of a kind pieces using ethically sourced gemstones and runs a successful Etsy shop, selling her creations.

Follow the tutorial where you'll find step-by-step instructions, accompanied with pictures on how you can make your very own crystal chip bead tree of life pendant.

These are perfect for a wide range of jewellery making including necklaces and earrings and look great for bracelets.

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