Using Crystals For Jewellery Making

Crystals have always been a popular choice within handmade jewellery, especially with the focus being around boho and festival designs. At Kernowcraft, we have so many crystals and rough gemstones to choose from. Whether you're after crystal points, rough nugget beads or ready to wear pendants - we have something for everyone! Check out some ideas below using crystals for modern and contemporary designs and get all the supplies you need to get making.

Wire-Wrapped Pendant

Carolyn Anne Jewellery creates pretty jewellery using beads! This is so simple yet beautiful, using wire-wrapping techniques to create a crystal point necklace. This is a great way to put all the focus on your chosen gemstone. Read our interview with Carolyn here and find out all about her handmade business.

Crystal Earrings

Sanne from Fijnzilver creates these pretty tourmaline crystal earrings with golden detailing, made especially for her mum! "Her style is quite different from mine so I wanted to make something that suited her while staying true to my own creativity." 

Wire-Wrapped Crystal Rings

We absolutely love these rough crystal wire wrapped rings made by Erranim! Wondering how to make one? Read our tutorial page here on how to make a wire-wrapped ring and have a go for yourself!

Wire-Wrapped Earrings

How gorgeous is this design by Jenny from Sea Surf Rocks! We love the geometric shapes and the added dimension the chain brings. Read our tutorial page on how to wire-wrap a bead here.

Claw Set Crystal

Iasthai creates an elegant claw setting to wrap this gorgeous peridot crystal! A beautiful sterling silver ring made for a special friend. Read our tutorial on how to make a claw setting here.

Chip Bead Bracelet

Binksy Crystals has designed this stunning tanzanite chip bead bracelet! We adore the colour of this gemstone.

Browse Chip Beads

Explore our wide range of chip bead bracelets in a variety of gems to choose from.

Watch Our Tutorial On How To Make A Wire-Wrapped Necklace

This wire-wrapping technique is so easy with a bit of practice! You can also use the same technique with any bead of your choice.

Combine Beads

Why not add an extra dimension to a wire wrapped crystal by adding a few extra beads into the chain? Read our tutorial on how to create a bead chain here.

Chunky Necklace

Our mystic coated quartz points are so popular. Many of our beads come as a pack of 10, so you can use as many as you like in one design or save them for another piece. We think this necklace is so beautiful and is a great statement design which will really stand out.

Crystal Points

Our range of beautiful crystal point beads are fully head drilled, ready to be incorporated into your jewellery designs. We love wire wrapping them!

Ready To Wear Crystal Pendants

At Kernowcraft we have a range of crystal pendants that you can use with your favourite thread or chain to create an instant necklace.

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