The Chakras & Stones For Beginners

Learn more about chakra gemstones, their meanings and how to use them the create beautiful handmade jewellery, so you can keep these healing gems close by.

The popularity of healing stones

Healing crystals are becoming increasingly popular, with people using gemstones to balance energies and become more attuned to their body and mind.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years, with ancient people using them for magical and spiritual powers. Although there is no evidence to show that crystal healing works and is not a form of medicine, more and more people are being open to trying the possible benefits that crystals bring.

Crystals are believed to hold vibrational energy and believed to transmit this energy to you and balance your emotional, physical and spiritual energies.

Below you'll be able to find out more about chakras, as well as discover our chakra round beads, a chakra collection and exciting jewellery ideas that you can easily create yourself, without any need of jewellery making experience.

What is chakra?

Chakra is an ancient meditation practice and originates from an old Sanskrit word, translating to 'wheel'. Chakra represents the 7 chakras around your body, with 7 different centres of energy. Each chakra is connected to one area of the body and an emotional state. It is believed that by balancing these energies your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing will benefit.

How do I use chakra healing stones?

Choose your favourite gemstones linked to the chakras and use them to re-tune your chakras and balance your energies.

There are several ways to use the stones in everyday life, here are some examples:

- Wear the stones as jewellery over the chakra locations

- Meditate with the stones

- Keep a stone in your pocket or on your person

- Add them to your bath water

- Sleep with the stone under your pillow or next to your bed

Jewellery making with chakra stones

Why not use your favourite chakra coloured stones and turn them into beautiful pieces of jewellery you can wear every day!

Here at Kernowcraft you will find a huge range of high quality gemstones and all the tools and supplies you need. Not only that, you will find lots of free tutorials and guides, as well as beginner friendly jewellery making kits which you can easily customise with your favourite gems.

You may also like to check out our range of crystals and gemstone pendants!

Explore The Chakra Collection

We've created a collection filled with all of the coloured gemstones linked to the 7 chakras!

In this collection, you'll find cabochons, faceted stones and gemstone beads to create beautiful pieces of jewellery with.

Shop Round Chakra Beads

Discover our colourful round chakra beads, available in 2 sizes for you to create various chakra inspired jewellery designs, including beaded necklaces, earring drops and bracelets.

Each coloured gemstone represents one of the seven chakras - so there's no need to source multiple gemstones for your chakra designs! The gemstones included in the strand includes red agate, peach aventurine, tiger's eye, green aventurine, magnesite, sodalite and amethyst.

Make Your Own Chakra Jewellery

Discover chakra jewellery making project ideas suitable for beginners! You'll learn how to make a memory wire bracelet, wire wrapped earrings and a bead bar necklace. Plus you'll find all the tools and supplies you need right here with Kernowcraft.

Don't forget that you can easily customise these designs using your favourite metal beads or choosing different findings and metal wire.

Shop Ready To Wear Chakra Bracelet

These beautiful chakra gemstone bead bracelets are strung on elastic for an instant ready-to-wear bracelet. Each bracelet consists of a multi-gemstone strand of round beads featuring all seven chakra colours.

Shop Tumbled Polished Chakra Stones

This complete set of seven chakra tumbled polished stones come in a velour drawstring pouch, a perfect gift for a crystal lover or treat for yourself. The pack includes crystal quartz, amethyst, sodalite, rose quartz, green aventurine, tiger's eye and red agate.

Discover the 7 chakras and the coloured gemstones that are linked to them below...

Root Chakra

Provides the foundations of your being, keeps you grounded and confident.

Location: Base of the spine and tailbone

Colours: Red or black

Gemstone examples: Garnetrubyblack tourmalineblack onyx

Sacral Chakra

Helps find a connection with others and brings happiness, pleasure and creativity.

Location: Lower abdomen

Colour: Orange

Gemstone examples: Carneliancitrineambersunstonefire opal

Solar Plexus Chakra

Helps us be confident and in control of our actions.

Location: Upper abdomen

Colour: Yellow

Gemstone examples: Citrine, yellow jasper, amber, yellow topaz, tiger's eye

Heart Chakra

Allows us to open our heart to love, compassion and joy.

Location: Centre of the chest, just above the heart

Colour: Green or pink

Gemstone examples: Jade, peridotchrysopraseprehniteemeraldgreen aventurinerhodochrositerose quartz

Throat Chakra

Helps us to communicate and express ourselves.

Location: Throat

Colour: Light Blue

Gemstone examples: Sodalite, turquoise, aquamarine, blue lace agate, chrysocolla

Brow or Third Eye Chakra

Allows us to be more aware of the world and focus on the bigger picture.

Location: Forehead, between the eyes

Colour: Indigo

Gemstone examples: Lapis lazuli, iolite, sapphire, kyanite

Crown Chakra

The highest chakra represents our spirituality, our visions and helps us reach a higher state of consciousness.

Location: Top of the head

Colour: Violet or white

Gemstone examples: Amethysttanzanitelabradorite, clear quartz, diamond

Ready To Wear Chakra Point Pendants

These ready to wear chakra point pendants come with a silver-plated bail already attached, so all you need to do is thread your choice of chain or cord through the loop for an instant necklace.

Fun, inexpensive, fashionable pendants, perfect for that last-minute present for a crystal lover!


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