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Types Of Agate Stones

Who knew there were so many types of agate stones? Agate is actually the banded form of the well known and popular stone, chalcedony. It has so many beautiful varieties, which makes it a popular choice among jewellers for creating colourful and unique jewellery designs. It is often dyed and treated to create interesting colours and patterns. In this blog post, we share with you some of the most wonderful types of agate stones including blue lace agate, green moss agate to dendrite agate! There are many healing properties associated with agate stones, it's believed to be a calming and soothing stone, protecting you from danger and strengthening relationships.

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Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is one of the most popular forms of agate and it's no surprise with its delicate light blue colouring, with purple hues and gorgeous white veins running throughout it.

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Green Moss Agate

Green moss agate stones have a natural earthy look with fascinating moss markings that appear to be suspended within the stone. The colours of this stone ranges greatly, with some being solid dark green to milky white with clear markings.

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Green Agate

Green agate is so stunning and can be easily compared to emeralds, this natural stone has a milky green colouring adding vibrancy and a pop of colour to your designs.

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Dragon Veined Agate

Dragon veined agate is treated and dyed to achieve this popular veined look for those statement jewellery designs.

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Black Agate

If you're after a statement gemstone, the black agate is the one for you! It looks brilliant combined with silver and other gemstones.

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Leopard Skin Agate Cabochons

How stunning are these stones! The natural leopard skin patterns makes this gemstone unique with its individual colours and markings.

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Botswana Agate

Botswana agate has striking individual markings with soft colours of warm greys, browns, whites and pinks.

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Banded Agate

Banded agate is a popular choice, also known as the 'earth rainbow' formed in cavities in eruptive rocks or ancient lavas.

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Indian Agate

Indian agate is a popular healing stone, known as the 'stone of eternity' and is often used for meditation.

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Cracked Agate

These dyed agate beads have been treated to give them a beautiful shade of pink with striking crackle patterns and a tactile frosted finish.

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Dendrite Agate

It's hard to believe dendrite agates are natural! They have amazing fern-like black and grey markings. This milky white stone is loved for its complex patterns and colours.

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