Ammolite is a gorgeous opal-like organic gemstone that shines in an array of different colours and shades.

The stone is found primarily along the eastern slopes of the Rocky mountains in North America and is a super rare gem.

This iridescent gem quality material is cut from the fossilised shells of extinct sea creatures known as Ammonites.

Their vibrant rainbow colour makes them increasingly popular in jewellery making and are the perfect choice for statement pieces.

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Colour: Ammolites can come in almost any colour - most commonly seen is green and red. Blue and purple are more rare occurences in ammolite. 

Source and rarity: About 5%of the ammonities found in Alberta, Canada produce any gem-quality material therefore, this percentage highlights the rarity of this gem, contributing to its high value.

Mohs Scale Hardness: Ammolite measures 3.5-4 on Mohs hardness scale. This is a very soft gemstone so a protective spinel crystal is often applied to protect the ammolite gem, increasing the hardness to 8.5. 

Healing properties: This stone is said to increase stamina and help the wearer process trauma. Ammolite is believed to promote mental and emotional well being. 

Similar gemstones: There are many gemstones with beautiful shines of colour running through them. Labradorite and opals are a common choice amongst jewellers for statement jewellery pieces.

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The water within an opals structure gives it a rainbow of iridescent colours - an effect called opalescence. 

During formation, the minerals separate into alternating layers within the moonstone and when sunlight falls between these layers, it produces a scattering of colours. 

Labradorite is becoming increasingly popular due to it's special effect called labradorescence. this effect causes metallic-like shimmering.

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