Top 10 Affordable Gemstones For Jewellery Making

We all love gemstones! When first starting out in jewellery making, it can be difficult to choose the right stones for your designs and within your budget.

So we've made it easy for you by sharing with you some of our beautiful gemstones that can be purchased at a lower price than other popular and precious stones. Most of these gemstones are our best sellers due to their affordability and quality - also great for hobbyists who are practising their stone setting skills.

There are many factors taken into consideration when pricing a gemstone; including carat weight, colour, clarity and cut. Although the gemstones featured are lower in price compared to other stones, they all have beautiful qualities which makes them stunning gemstones to work with.

All of the gemstones featured on this page are available to buy on our website as cabochons, faceted stones and beads.


One of our best sellers! Onyx is a variety of chalcedony, usually black in colour and is perfect for those big and bold designs. At Kernowcraft, we also have a range of green onyx which are beautifully vibrant.

Rose Quartz

Quartz is a beautiful stone to choose as it's available in a range of varieties such as rose quartz, golden rutile, smoky quartz and more. Known as the 'universal crystal', it's known as a powerful healing stone and rose quartz is believed to attract love. Quartz is also a hard and durable stone, making it great for everyday jewellery.


Magical moonstone! This popular gemstone is loved by jewellers for its glowing sheen of blue and white which resembles moonlight. Known to be a calming stone with feminine energy. We have many varieties of moonstone including white moonstone, rainbow moonstone, blue moonstone, black moonstone and more.


We love the rich red colour of garnet - but did you know that is also comes in a variety of other colours too? One of our favourites is Tsavorite garnet with a gorgeous green colour and also Rhodolite garnet with its sweet pink plumb colour.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has a unique royal blue colouring with delicate specks of golden pyrite. Each stone is unique and is thought to be a stone of truth and communication. Shop lapis lazuli cabochons, faceted stones and beads online with Kernowcraft.


Malachite is known for its beautiful alternating bands and rich forest green to emerald tones. Believed to be a stone of transformation, good fortune and prosperity!

Paua Shell

Paua shell, also known as 'Sea Opal' is such a beautiful stone of iridescent colours and patterns. We have a beautiful selection of paua shell to choose from in a range of colours.

Tiger's Eye

We adore the silky lustre and golden tones of tiger's eye! Believed to be a stone of good luck and mental clarity.


Discover glistening aventurine! A utterly gorgeous gem for your jewellery designs. Aventurine has beautiful metallic inclusions which gives a lovely iridescent effect. Known as the stone of opportunity, good luck and wealth.


Add some warmth to your design with juicy carnelian! This stone is also a variety of chalcedony, often dyed to enhance its colour. Carnelian is known to bring confidence as well as courage to those who wear it.

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