Top Gemstones For Love & Valentine's Day

Be inspired by our favourite gemstones that give us that fuzzy feeling!

We're sharing with you a collection of gemstones all with different symbols of love, making these your go-to choice for Valentine's Day jewellery. Be inspired by famous gemstones for love including rose quartz, garnet and ruby while also discovering alternative gems such as lapis and aventurine.

Learn all about these gems as well as check out some jewellery designs you can make using beginner friendly techniques and jewellery settings. It couldn't be easier to make Valentine's gifts or a treat for yourself using your favourite self love gem.

Kernowcraft is your destination for gemstone and jewellery making supplies! So you will find all of these gemstones available to buy on our website, ready to be transformed into handmade jewellery designs. New to jewellery making? Check out our Jewellery Making Kits aimed at beginners, with online step by step instructions and shopping list.

Rose Quartz: For Unconditional Love

One of our best selling gemstones, rose quartz is hard to resist with it's delicate soft pink colouring. It's known as the stone of unconditional love, compassion and infinite peace. Opening the heart chakra to all forms of love including self love, romantic love and friendship love. If you're after a good all-rounder, this may be the stone of choice!

Discover Heart Briolette Beads

Briolette beads are one of our most popular beads. They are lovely gemstones to create statement earring drops and minimal necklaces. These beads are pear shaped with facets, which makes them super sparkly. They are fully head drilled and are best suited to wire wrapping or adding to a simple silkon thread necklace as shown below.

Top Gemstone Briolettes For Love

We have a wonderful collection of gemstone briolettes but here are our top picks for Valentine's including lapis lazuli, rose quartz and amethyst.

Follow Tutorial: How To Make A Briolette Necklace

This is one of the most popular ways to show off your chosen briolette bead! It's hung on silkon thread, which is a strong, bonded synthetic fibre and is available in lots of pretty colours. Follow our step by step photo tutorial online now and make your own.

Amethyst: For Healing, Protection & Serenity

We are obsessed with the purple hues of amethyst and we love the spiritual meanings connected to this gem. It's thought to be a healing and calming stone, used to block any negative energies, removing any of your fears and worries, ready to welcome love into your life. A great protective stone to turn to when going through a break up, to help you in healing and open yourself up to new possibilities.

Check out our simple ring jewellery making project below

This project really is so simple! Many of our ring settings for cabochon stones only requires a dab of glue to set with your chosen stone. Here we've featured a dreamy amethyst cabochon in this sterling silver leaf ring setting.

Rhodolite Garnet: For Passion & Romance

The dark, rich plumb tones of rhodolite garnet are something special. Wearing this gem is thought to bring you what your heart desires while also boosting your confidence to achieve your romantic wishes. It's all about the fiery passion with this stone!

Pink Tourmaline: For Compassion 

This a lovely choice of stone if you are gifting a piece of jewellery to someone in need of unconditional love and friendship. A comforting stone for healing and soothing, useful in times when the wearer needs a listening ear and a sense of calmness. A great stone to turn to in times of heartbreak and anxiety.

Rhodochrosite: The Emotion Stone

Rhodochrosite is a pretty gemstone, ranging from light pink to bright red and is banded with whites and pinks. Similar to rose quartz, this gem is thought to be a stone of unconditional love and is linked to the heart chakra. This stone will enhance love, healing and self confidence, while easing any emotional anxieties.

Lapis Lazuli: For Truth & Communication

How could you not be drawn to the intense royal blue colouring of lapis! We love that it has specks of shimmering pyrite scattered throughout this stone, making us think of a starry night sky. This stone is believed to bring deep communcation, harmony and compassion to relationships while also allowing you to create strong bonds with those around you.

Heart Shaped Cabochons & Faceted Stones With Kernowcraft

These heart shapes gemstone cabochons and faceted stones are so much fun and add something new and interesting to your jewellery designs. Below are our solid opal cabochons and faceted aquamarine stones!

Ruby: For Confidence & Power

Need to inject some passion and excitement into your life? Ruby with its intense, deep pink colouring is the stone to turn to for finding your inner power. This romantic gem is thought to welcome loyalty, creativity and commitment into your life.

Aventurine: For Love & Luck

Another gemstone which connects to the heart chakra! Aventurine is all about finding good luck, making it a great stone to turn to with new relationships - giving you all the energy and joy you need to grab hold of new experiences with confidence.

Combine Birthstones For Creating Jewellery With Meaning

Shop by birthstone with Kernowcraft and easily create designs with sentimental meaning. We love combining birthstones for creating thoughtful gifts for special occasions like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. In this design, we've used our infinity charm alongside some beautiful ruby and aquamarine beads, the birthstones of July & March.

Manifest Your Intentions With Our Heart Palm Stones

These smooth, undrilled hearts are designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand to embrace each gem's healing properities. You could easily carry these around in your pocket, pop under your pillow or by your bedside in times of need.

Shop now and choose your favourite gemstone that you are drawn to most!

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