I bought a Brazilian Amethyst and had it set in a ring, the jeweller that set it for me admired the quality & the colour of the stone and advised me the price I paid for it was good value. Fantastic stone thank you, The jeweller has now started to use Kernowcraft.

Nikki Hutchings

It is always a joy to deal with your Company and your hints and tips always help me to improve my skills and encourage my interests. Thank you for caring about us small enthusiastic silversmiths!

Frank Wilson

Your site is so easy to navigate. The saved item idea is a brilliant idea; I can log on and cherry pick for each project. P&P is very reasonable too!

Jane Turner

I just came across your online shop and my first reaction was wow! It has everything i need to carry on with my jewellery making. I've seen things that i have been looking for and couldn't find in so many other shops!

Gloria Williams

I have sent a couple of email enquiries today, which have been really quickly answered. This customer service is what made me order with you straight away!

Deborah Roberts-Barter

Just received my order that I placed only yesterday. I wanted to say thank you! I am delighted with the choice of cabochon, setting and books. Now I have to read up on how to set it! FABULOUS SERVICE - Thank you!

Catherine Warwick

Your website is easy to use, your products excellent, nice friendly service on the phone and delivery quick, excellent. Thank you and well done Kernowcraft. Gold star!

Janice Scragg

Thank you for my recent order as I'm blown away by all the lovely pieces. I don't really know what to start work on first. Thank you for supplying top quality items on a easy to use website. 


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the team, particularly the ladies that helped me yesterday. Delivery took less than 24hrs, that's amazing. The quality of both cabochons and settings are stunning.

Jill Hammersely

I can always rely on Kernowcraft. I used to live in England but moved to Sweden a few years ago. They have nothing here like your company so I'm really pleased I could bring you with me.

Sylvia Green

I have grown as a jewellery maker over the last year or so due to the encouragement the team have given me - they are all experienced jewellery makers or keen crafters. They have helped to guide me through my inventory, offered helpful tips and advice on all manner of silver working.

Frank Wilson

As always I'm thrilled with the quality, especially the time you took to meet my specifications. My great uncle gave me your catalogue 20 yrs ago and although I'm just a hobby jeweller I always rely on you for the best quality.

Helen Broadhurst

Always too many temptations, but a joy to look through. Thank you for such good service. I have to be very strict with myself when I visit your website!

Vivienne Sadler

I've been very impressed with the items I've bought from you. My family are from Cornwall (Boscastle and Camelford) - so it seemed very fitting that the silverware I'm using to make their Christmas presents is from a Cornish business. They'll like that!

Tamsin Kavanagh

I just love all you stand for and, as I have said already, Kernowcraft is much more than a retailer. It really is a blessing to deal with you and to learn how to make attractive and beautiful things. I am hopeless at this but your service makes the attempt worthwhile! Thank you Kernowcraft team.

Frank Wilson

Love you for your friendly and perfect service. Have been into your showroom and seeing the opals in true life makes them way too irresistible, thank you all!

Annalie Bell

Great, easy to navigate website with wonderful clear photographs. I look forward to receiving my order... it's going to be like Christmas!

Joel Martin

I have just ordered some stones online and found the experience pleasing. Your website is no fuss, easy to use and it's a pure pleasure to purchase things. Many thanks.

Ed Williams

Thank you very much for the speed with which you sent my order.  The items arrived the day after I ordered.  I couldn't ask for more so thank you so much.

Carol Lee

I am very happy with my products... it is wonderful to have a reliable source of materials and gems with a fast delivery and a lot of tips on how to use the tools we buy.

Mihaela Ciubotaru

Just wanted to say a massive thank you as I'm so appreciative of the superb customer experience I've had. Super quality products and quite frankly, I wish more places had Kernowcraft's attitude towards customers.

Cheane Venter

Whenever I feel unsure as to where to purchase any stones or jewellery requirements I always go back to what is familiar. Thank you Kernowcraft for being true to your customers.

Sarah Tiley

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing service from Kernowcraft.  I find your website easy to navigate, products good quality and the delivery is second to none!

Hayley Meredith

Thank you to the lady who went to a great deal of trouble to find a very small opal that fitted a bezel cup. The work is now complete and looks very nice - my wife is delighted with the result.


The opal I received is absolutely amazing and just perfect. Its such a beautiful stone and I tried it with my wedding dress yesterday and its just set it off so well.

Rhiannon Piper

I'm always pleased with my purchases and my fellow jewellery making friends enjoy browsing all your products with which your stones and beads inspire us to make lots of beautiful pieces to wear and give as gifts.

Diane Morris

Great looking website, one of the best I've seen and used. Good search function, good range of products, good prices and great advice for jewellery makers of all abilities. All-in-all a great site and one I'll use again and again.

George Inglis

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality of pearls in my recent order! Thank you so much for taking time and matching them into pairs, it's very appreciated. Thank you and I am definitely going to buy at your store in the future.

Dorota Todd

I only use this company now as other shops and online companies I've used just don't have the quality at an affordable price.

Scott Newman

Many thanks for your very prompt service and attention to detail. You sent me a beautiful stone with just the right mystery and content, without being too dark or light.

Ida Margetts

I think you are a fantastic company, successful and yet small enough to maintain a friendly, personal service. Thank you.

Haydn Webb

I would just like to say that your company has been so wonderful to work with. Very thorough and friendly and the customer service has been perfect!

Andi Rogers

Just to say that I have always had the best possible results for every order - however small - and all your products are of excellent quality. Thank you for your unfailing efficiency. Your new website is excellent!

Lydia Farrow

I recently ordered a couple of replacement stones from you and I'd just like to say how happy I am with my purchase and very impressed with he friendly helpful service you gave. Thank you very much.

Denise Mountain Pike

I think you are doing a very efficient job with really good stones and findings etc. Your turnaround time for orders is excellent and everything arrives safely and undamaged.

Nyani De Mendonca

Great products, great service. Always the first place I think of when I need any item for jewellery making, they never let me down.

Clare O'Sullivan

Just to say that I have always had the best possible results for every order - however small and all your products are of excellent quality.

Lydia Farrow

Just want to say a very big thank you for your quick delivery and excellent service. The stones I ordered arrived this morning, the quality and price are second to none. I was delighted with my purchase. Thank you so much.

Christine Wood

Beautiful quality and colours - I rarely buy semi-precious stones anywhere else these days. Very helpful, superb service, speedy delivery. What more could anyone want?

April Luescher

As always the stones are tip top quality and exactly as described. Kernowcraft always fulfil special requests such as matching stones and so on. Delivery speedy as ever and thrilled to receive my order next day.

Lynne Merchant

I’ve used Kernowcraft as a supplier for findings and pearls since beginning my business 8 years ago, because I know I can absolutely rely on the quality I get. The service is pretty impeccable too.

Julia Schofield

I felt compelled to write to you, as I'm so impressed with your quick service! I've been a Kernowcraft customer for years and have never had anything but reliable, efficient service from you.

Helen Bowles

I have bought your products for over 20 years now and have always been completely satisfied with your products and prompt service. Here in America where I now live, I have found nothing to compare.

Kristine Jones

The customer service I have received from you and the help has been second to none. If only all companies were so helpful and understanding that i am a complete newbie. The retail world would be a better place.

Daniel Coe

I have known Kernowcraft since 1975 and I was always impressed by their customer service, efficiency and friendliness and not forgetting the quality of their goods, which was always brilliant.

Dorrie Peg Bradbury

The stones are excellent quality, and the special request I put in for dark citrines and paired malachites has been met perfectly. I am delighted with Kernowcraft, and will be back!


I always know when I order from you the items will be excellent value for money & service second to none. I cannot recommend you highly enough!


It can be difficult to order gemstones online - no such worries with Kernowcraft - you really do care about your products & clients and it shows.


Super quick delivery, quality products every time and solid support when you need it from people who know what they are talking about.

Anna Simpson

I’ve just had my first order from you and I am so pleased with the fast delivery and the quality of the products. The satin cords and the findings really finished off my ceramic jewellery.

Maggi Henman


Strawberry Quartz Cabochons from £1.65 to £2.45
White Crystal Quartz Faceted Stones from £1.05 to £8.25
Smoky Quartz Faceted Stones from £0.85 to £19.75
Golden Rutile Quartz 18.5x16.5mm Rectangular Cabochon now £31.95
Golden Rutile Quartz 24.5x14mm Oval Cabochon now £23.95
Golden Rutile Quartz 26.5x12mm Oval Cabochon now £31.95
Golden Rutile Quartz 25x20mm Faceted Oval Stone now £23.99
Cherry Quartz Head Drilled Flat Teardrop Beads from £0.80 to £0.95
Rose Quartz Top Drilled Teardrop Gemstone Bead, Approx 13x5mm from £1.75 to £1.95
Crystal Quartz Chip Beads now £4.25
Rose Quartz Round Beads from £1.85 to £9.95
Frosted Cherry Quartz Round Beads from £7.99 to £9.99
Crystal Quartz Rondelle Beads, Approx 5x3mm now from £1.10 to £8.49
Crystal Quartz Flat Oval Nugget Beads, Approx 8x9mm to11x8mm now from £0.46 to £9.50
Pink Quartz Faceted Rondelle Beads, Approx 3mm now from £2.35 to £16.10
Mystic Coated Quartz Points, Approx 10x6mm to 50x25mm, Pack of 10 Points £5.95
Mystic Pink Quartz Points, Approx 10x6mm to 50x25mm, Pack of 10 Points £5.95
Rose Quartz Cabochons from £0.40 to £7.95
Rose Quartz Checker Cut Faceted Top Cabochons from £2.35 to £4.95
Rose Quartz Rose Cut Cabochons from £1.25 to £4.45
Black Tourmalinated Quartz Cabochons from £1.35 to £12.35
Golden Rutile Quartz Cabochons from £1.10 to £10.95
Smoky Quartz Oval Cabochon, Approx 30x22mm £4.65
Lime Green Quartz Faceted Stones from £3.85 to £49.95
Rose Quartz Faceted Stones from £5.95 to £13.95
Paraiba Aqua Blue Quartz Faceted Stone from £3.30 to £81.50
Purple Kaleidoscope Quartz Faceted Stones from £2.40 to £59.95
Marine Blue Quartz Faceted Stones from £2.40 to £59.95
Sea Green Quartz Faceted Stones from £2.40 to £59.95
Pink Kaleidoscope Quartz Faceted Stones from £2.40 to £59.95
Blossom Pink Kaleidoscope Quartz Faceted Stones from £2.45 to £59.95
Strawberry Quartz Faceted Stones, Approx From 14x11mm to 15x13mm Oval £12.99
Strawberry Quartz Faceted Stones, Approx From 17x13mm To 18x13mm Oval £11.99
Strawberry Quartz Faceted Stone, Approx From 19x14mm to 22x16mm Oval £19.99
Golden Rutile Quartz Faceted Stone, Approx 33x18mm Octagon £58.00
Rose Quartz Faceted Heart Briolette Beads, Approx 6x6.5mm To 8x8.5mm from £1.75 to £1.95
Rose Quartz Faceted Drop Briolette Beads, Approx 3x2.5mm, Pack of 10 Beads £9.95
Rose Quartz 10mm Round Large Hole Beads from £1.30 to £1.55
Rose Quartz Round Half Drilled Beads from £0.30 to £0.52
Solar Quartz Faceted Teardrop Shape Briolette Beads, Approx 16-22mm from £5.95 to £6.65
Black Tourmalinated Quartz Faceted Teardrop Briolette Beads, Approx 8-12x8mm from £3.45 to £3.95
Frosted Crystal Quartz Top Drilled Teardrop Gemstone Bead from £1.45 to £2.35
Frosted Crystal Top Drilled Gemstone Hearts, 10mm from £1.85 to £2.15
Golden Rutile Faceted Head Drilled Slice Beads, Approx 8x6mm To 14x10mm from £4.45 to £4.95
Crystal Quartz 10mm Round Large Hole Beads from £1.10 to £1.20
Frosted Crystal Half Drilled Cube Beads, 4mm from £0.65 to £0.75
Rose Quartz Cube Beads, Approx 6mm £8.99
Crackle Crystal Quartz Cube Beads, Approx 5mm from £4.35 to £21.00
Crackle Crystal Quartz Round Beads from £7.95 to £11.95
Frosted Crystal Quartz Round Beads, 10mm £14.15
Crackle Smoky Quartz Round Beads, 8mm £16.25
Black Tourmaline In Quartz Round Beads from £12.95 to £14.35
Crystal Quartz Round Beads, 4mm from £1.95 to £13.15
Multi Quartz Faceted Rondelle Beads from £6.95 to £23.95
Cognac Quartz Micro Faceted Round Beads, from Approx 4.5mm £4.95
Smoky Quartz Faceted Round Beads, 6mm from £4.50 to £19.35
Crystal Quartz Drilled Points, Pack Of 10 Points £5.95
Ready To Wear Double Point Pendant £3.95
Sterling Silver Bezel Set Faceted Rose Quartz Link Connector from £4.75 to £6.55
Rose Quartz 30mm Gemstone Donuts from £5.05 to £5.65
Rock Crystal 10mm Gemstone Donuts from £2.70 to £2.95
Ready to Wear Rough Crystal Stone Necklace £6.95
Featured Product Polished Carved Gemstone Egg, Approx 33x21mm £4.99
Medium Hand Carved Polished Guardian Angel £13.99
Large Hand Carved Polished Guardian Angel £16.99
Rose Quartz Polished Carved Heart, Approx 25x25mm to 20x20mm from £4.99 to £5.95
Small Hand Carved Polished Guardian Angel, Approx 25x17mm £4.99