Electroplating & Crystals With Studio Roan

At Kernowcraft we love crystal gemstones, rough edges and freeform shapes! So today we're thrilled to be chatting to Emily from Studio Roan all about her handmade jewellery designs. We find out why Emily loves using organic gemstones, copper and electroplating techniques. Plus we discuss all things web design and photography - two important parts of running a handmade jewellery business.

Hi Emily, when did your love for jewellery making begin?

To be honest, I don’t exactly remember! I’ve always been experimental with creative practices and when I tried jewellery making, it felt natural.

I love how much sentiment and heritage can be held in pieces of jewellery, and how intuitive the craft feels to me. 

Tell us about your handmade business, Studio Roan

ROAN is: honouring the organic.

All of my pieces are handcrafted with the earths minerals, the metal revering to the unrefined stones I use. I create healing talismans to ignite daily magic, with cosmic influence.

How would you describe your jewellery in 3 words?

Raw, intuitive, cosmic.

What's your favourite thing about using rough, organic crystals and gemstone nuggets?

It feels like I’m working with the stones in their most organic form. Like they’ve just come straight out of the ground and I have to forge the metal around the natural, rough shapes. It feels quite ancient, alchemical.

What's your favourite thing about using copper and what are its benefits?

In ancient alchemy, copper is the planetary symbol for Venus, and therefore embodies the qualities of this planet; love, balance, creativity and divine femininity. Learning this connected me even more to this metal. Wearing it directly on the skin also allows for regular absorption that is beneficial for brain stimulation, reducing inflammation and immunity support. Wearing and consuming copper for these benefits is an ancient practice. Copper can also kill microbes on contact and holds antibacterial properties.

Favourite gemstone combination?

Black tourmaline for grounding with clear quartz for amplified clarity. 

You launched your website this year - what was this experience like and how long did it take you?

The experience of launching my online store was incredible. I was blown away with the support and feedback. I built it alongside my partner who put a whole lot of love in and I have such gratitude for him. It’s hard to say how long it took, as it begun pre-coronavirus lockdown and was completed when we both had to stay home from work but I’d probably say a couple of months. 

What do you enjoy most about the electroplating process?

I love that it allows me to use and showcase the rough crystals, unlike traditional bezel settings. Although challenging, it makes for a flexible practice and I feel that I can make almost any design I can think of!

Why did you choose a website rather than an online marketplace?

I wanted more creative control on the aesthetics of the page than marketplaces allow. I wanted to create more of a personal, tailored experience that truly showcased my pieces.

Your photography is beautiful, what is the inspiration behind your imagery

Thank you! I am very fortunate in that my partner is a photographer. We worked together to create a unique way of showcasing these beautiful stones. I want each stone to be shown for its individual beauty - like a portrait. 

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