A Day In The Life With Soul Purpose Jewellery

Today we're chatting to Suzanne, the jeweller behind Soul Purpose Jewellery! We find out all about her inspiration behind starting a handmade jewellery business during a pandemic, learn more about her beautiful designs and how she juggles running a business alongside being a mum. We also invited Suzanne to take us on a day in the life of being a jeweller for our YouTube series which you can watch below! In this video, Suzanne shares more about her story, takes you on a tour of her workshop, shares some of her game-changing tools and reveals a special commission she's working on.

"From that first class, I thought about jewellery every second of the day and knew that I wanted to turn my passion into a business..."

Hi Suzanne, tell us how your jewellery making journey started and why you fell in love with the craft!

In October 2019 I started a 10 week silversmith evening class and from the moment I walked into the workshop I just knew that it was the environment for me!

I didn't know anything but I wanted to know everything! From that first class, I thought about jewellery every second of the day and knew that I wanted to turn my passion into a business.

What is the meaning behind your business name, Soul Purpose Jewellery?

It wasn't a simple process choosing a name but I remember listening to a motivational speaker and he asked, what is your Soul's Purpose and it was like I had just been hit with a realisation that I had finally found my Soul's Purpose, so the name seemed extremely relevant to me and my journey and it just so happens to be my initials too, which made it even more perfect.

You took part in our Day In The Life Of A Jeweller, tell us more about what people can expect from the video and did you enjoy sharing an insight into your working life?

I really enjoyed filming the content. I find that no two days are the same so it was hard to decide what to film but it was good to talk about Soul Purpose Jewellery as it helps to remind myself how far I have come and why I do what I do.

Watch Suzanne's Day In The Life Of A Jeweller Vlog Below

"I just felt compelled to 'get going' and not to let anything get in my way... not even a pandemic..."

How would you describe your jewellery style?

I enjoy simple lines, layering and texture. I think most things I make have some outdoor inspiration and I definitely prefer a more artisan look and feel. I have such an appreciation for fine jewellery and maybe one day I will have the desire to give it a go but for now, I am happy with my more organic look and feel.

Tell us more about the launch of your jewellery business and what was it that gave you the push to get started

I launched in March 2020, just a couple of days before lockdown. I just felt compelled to 'get going' and not to let anything get in my way... not even a pandemic.

I had such fire in my belly and I knew that if I didn't use this to push me forward I would be doing myself a disservice. For me it was a case of now or never... I am lucky that it worked out as it did - having the focus of starting a business really helped me during lockdown.

Favourite gemstone and why?

I love larimar, mainly because it transports me to the ocean, which is my calm and happy place! I love the often imperfect nature of the stone and the colour tones are just so varied and no one stone looks the same.

Favourite technique and why?

I recently did a commission for a cool signet ring and it was the first time I had ever used wax and sent it off for casting and I really loved the process.

I am not sure I would go 100% down that path as I do enjoy working with the metal and forming my own designs but I did really enjoy it and the result was amazing.

"Believe in yourself and if you don't know how to do something, never say I can't, just say to yourself, I will find out how..."

How did you find starting a business during the start of the pandemic and what challenges have you faced along the way?

Soul Purpose Jewellery became my lifeline during the pandemic, especially during lockdown. I had my two boys at home full time and my husband was working as normal so it meant that in the evenings and at weekends I had something to focus on and something that I felt motivated by and passionate about. I think that without it my experience of lockdown would've been very different. Soul Purpose Jewellery is my lockdown legacy and it helps me look back on the whole time through a positive lens.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to those wanting to start jewellery making?

Believe in yourself and if you don't know how to do something, never say I can't, just say to yourself, I will find out how. If you are starting as a business and not a hobby, my biggest pieces of advice would be to invest in your branding and to treat your business as a living breathing thing that needs nurturing daily.

What has your experience been with juggling family life and running a small business, do you have any tips for those in the same position?

I am still working it all out. I have four and five year old boys and my husband is in the RAF so the juggle sometimes feels a little overwhelming, but I always just try and do one thing on my business a day as a minimum. Even if I just post something on Instagram or message a client, I feel that it keeps me connected and balanced.

The only thing I am working on is being kind to myself - it is easy to get caught up in the chaos and then punish yourself for not spending enough time on the business or feel bad for popping your little one in front of the TV so you can send an email but you have to try and see the bigger picture and remember that you are human. Life and business can work side by side but never seamlessly... I believe that is an unachievable goal.

"I wanted to create a space where people can come and switch off from everyday life..."

Would you recommend workshops for beginners?

Absolutely! I have just set up a series of workshops locally as I think it is a really great way to explore your curiosity, learn a new technique, see if you have the passion to progress further and most importantly, it is just a way to have some fun and be creative!

Tell us about your favourite part of running workshops and what people can expect from them

I wanted to create a space where people can come and switch off from everyday life. Whether people come alone or with a friend, it doesn't matter as my passion alongside jewellery is people and connections.

I have created a warm and welcoming environment where people can get creative, learn the process, have fun and come away with something that they can treasure. I think the fact that people come away with jewellery that they have made is a really special thing and I have had feedback saying that it is very therapeutic, which I would agree with!

"I started Soul Purpose Jewellery on a small bench in a spare bedroom..."

Tell us about your workspace and how you make it your own!

I absolutely adore my workspace - my brother is a carpenter so we designed the space together and although we have a few last bits to do, it is the perfect working environment.

I love to have lots of artwork around me, small bits of memorabilia that make me feel positive, crystals, candles etc. I could spend every waking minute in my studio and often do when my husband is away.

I started Soul Purpose Jewellery on a small bench in a spare bedroom so I feel very lucky to now have a full room to myself but I think it helps focus my mind and takes me away from feeling like I am at home to feeling like I am at work.

We love your branding and packaging, can you tell us more about the inspiration and process behind them

My branding was done by a very talented designer who I have known for many years. As soon as I decided to invest in the branding I just knew she was the one for the job.

The brand look and feel were very important to me as prior to this I had a 15 year career in Public Relations and worked for a branding agency in my last role. I wanted the brand to feel calm and for it to portray honesty, depth and beauty. The packaging has evolved over the past two years but I am finally happy with the look and feel. I get lots of lovely feedback that it is crisp and fresh and people love the small touches like the handmade confetti.

What’s the last thing you made and tell us more about the design

I have been working on a 'key' necklace for a client, which is a custom piece. The logo she sent had a heart on the top but she wanted it less heart like, so my idea was to incorporate her love of the ocean and kitesurfing and to make the heart more like two connecting waves.

Check out the Day In The Life video above for the design process!

What does the future of Soul Purpose Jewellery look like to you?

My future can only be growth and progress. I want this to be a business that becomes sustainable and scaleable so I know that it can't just be by making jewellery.

My workshops and education are important to me and a big part of my future plans, as are premises and collaboration. I am looking to find a space to run Soul Purpose Jewellery that can also accommodate other creatives. Somewhere we can host workshops and collaborate to enhance the community and our region.

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