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Personalised Handmade Jewellery With Ruby & Wonder

Be personal with handmade jewellery...

Deciding on the perfect gift can be really tricky! Today we chat to Tara from Ruby and Wonder, all about the beautiful designs that she creates with her husband Wayne. We absolutely adore their personalised designs such as the initial disks and pendants, it's something really special and meaningful for the owner to cherish forever.

Personalised jewellery is a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea, perfect for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mothers/Father's Day and all special occasions.

We find out why handmade personalised jewellery is so special at this time of year or perfect for a birthday or celebration. We think it's so important to support small businesses such as Ruby and Wonder, offering something different and unique, supporting handmade and giving something meaningful.

Hi Tara, tell us about Ruby & Wonder and how your jewellery making journey started

My husband, Wayne, and I decided we would like our own little home crafting business. We looked at lots of options but nothing seemed to fit with us both. Then at a craft fair we met a guy cutting old coins, Wayne tried it at home and loved it, before long he was cutting shapes out of aluminium.

Some of his first designs are rather large! We then together went on a Silversmith course and as they say, the rest is history.

Describe Ruby & Wonder in three words!

Handcrafted Silver Wonder.

What was the inspiration behind offering personalised jewellery in your business?

Our customers! We had lots of requests.

What is your favourite personalised jewellery that you offer and why?

I have to say our hammered initial disc necklaces. They are super sweet and so easy to wear.

What is the process of making these special initial discs?

We first stamp a little disc from silver sheet, then gentle hammer it to give the texture. We then hand stamp the initial and symbol. Then drill a hole, add a jump ring. Then give it a good clean and polish. 

What is your favourite gemstone and why?

I have totally fallen in love with opals, they are just stunning and every stone is completely unique with its own special light.

What has the feedback been like for your personalised items?

We have always been blessed with the most amazing feedback for all of our pieces. We put our hearts into designing, making and packaging each piece and in return we get lots of love back from our lovely customers.

Why do you think people love personalised jewellery?

It's that extra special touch, it adds meaning to any piece of jewellery.

What is your most popular piece of jewellery and what do you think draws people to this design?

Our Spinner rings. I think customers love the quirkiness of them, but they are also the perfect statement piece.

What techniques do you use the most when creating jewellery?

We are silversmiths so it's all about the cutting, bending, soldering and polishing. I love being at my bench.

What has been your biggest challenge in your jewellery making journey?

Being seen and standing out in a very competitive market. We have been extremely lucky to have had huge support from the crafting community as well as our friends and family.

Why do you think personalised jewellery is perfect for a gift?

Handcrafted jewellery which has been personalised is just extra special as the recipient knows it has been made especially for them.

Opal Doublets

They are totally stunning with such beautiful flashes of colour.

Alligator Tape

My nails and fingers are very thankful for this great green tape!

Turquoise Cabochons

These are so pretty and delicately flecked. One of our most popular stones.

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