4 Reasons To Do A Craft Course

Creating and making could give you a boost and our guest writer, CraftCourses.com give us some ideas for easy ways to get started.

Crafts are something anyone can do and more and more research is showing how good it can be for us, but knowing where to start can be daunting so we spoke to CraftCourses.com to find out why making is so beneficial and how taking part in a workshop can really help.

Top 4 reasons why crafting is good for you

1. It improves mental wellbeing

Recent research from BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test, undertaken by University College London, has demonstrated a strong connection between creative activity and mental and emotional wellbeing. Dr Daisy Fancourt explained that the study showed that taking part in arts and crafts activities was linked to dopamine release, which helped the brain to regulate emotions.

It has also been shown that the act of crafting results in a reduction in the stress hormone Cortisol (Drexel University), it is thought that this is caused due to the distraction and focus that making involves.

2. Provides good foundations for the future

Starting with a workshop, led by a highly skilled maker or professional tutor will provide you with the best foundations for starting your new hobby. By learning the best techniques and what works for you from the outset could avoid frustrations further down the line - the fewer barriers to finding a new, long term creative pursuit the better!

Plus, it allows you to test out a new craft without having to purchase lots of equipment and materials upfront.

3. Reduces isolation and improves social interaction

Not only will taking part in a course or workshop provide you with expert guidance but you may also come away with a wonderful mentor and new group of friends. Craft clubs can help to increase social interaction and reduce anxiety and loneliness. It could even lead to a new profession – many crafts tutors and makers started off with their careers with a creative workshop!

4. It could lead to a new passion

Creative learning results in an increased feeling of fulfilment and can put some spark, passion and ambition into our lives. Making enables us to express our emotions and grow through our chosen medium, providing a real sense of achievement.

How to get started

The CraftCourses website lists thousands of creative experiences, workshops and courses all over the UK from hundreds of course providers in a huge variety of crafts.

Organisations such as BBC Arts and the Crafts Council often organise special campaigns to introduce more people to arts and crafts with free or low cost, taster workshops – for example take a look at the Get Creative Festival, which is an easy way to trial a new creative hobby.

Visit an art gallery or museum, which are often free and could help to provide ideas and ignite your imagination.

Get inspiration from social media, apps such as Instagram and Pinterest have thousands of artisans showcasing a wide range of work and styles. See what appeals to you so that you can decide what you would like to try first.

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