The Gemstones For Nature Lovers

Snowy mountains, starry galaxies to pastel blue waves...

Nature is filled with such beauty, colour and inspiration. Today we want to share with you some amazing gemstones that make us think of stunning nature scenes! We hope you love them as much as we do and find a new gemstone to try out in your handmade jewellery designs.

These milky white dendrite opal beads are so beautiful and remind us of snowy mountains! Although they have no fire, they have gorgeous natural fern/tree like black and grey markings.

The beauty & patterns of snowy mountains...

Did you know that obsidian is formed from volcanic lava? These cabochons have a wonderful snowflake effect, with each one being completely unique - great for your jewellery designs.

Falling in love with Earthy Tones...

nature inspired jewellery

Landscape Stone Flat Oval Beads

Each of these landscape stone flat oval beads are a unique work of art as Mother Nature does her thing once again in beige, chocolate brown and honey tones creating this beautiful stone.

Botswana Agate Cabochons

These beautiful AAA grade Botswana Agate cabochons are lovely warm tones of warm grey, pink, pale brown and white, with striking striped markings. As these are AAA grade the patterns are particularly lovely and will make an interesting piece of jewellery.

Spotted Chalcedony Faceted Teardrop Focal Beads

These Spotted Chalcedony faceted teardrop focal beads are something a little different. They have natural inclusions in a variety of colour tones from red and brown to cream and black, which form interesting patterns across each bead making each one unique.

Green tones and textures found in the forest...

How lovely are these tree agate faceted heart briolette beads? Tree Agate is a white or colourless variety of chalcedony with inclusions that resemble foliage. These beads vary in colour from white to pale green, with some beads having a combination of both colours. They have interesting patterns and each bead is faceted which gives them an eye-catching sparkle.

We love these deep green emerald nuggets, each one varies in size and colouring. Perfect for creating a unique piece of jewellery.

These amazonite bead strands are stunning. Each one has beautiful mottled markings, giving a lovely texture of colours.

The bright, beautiful sights of the ocean...

nature inspired jewellery

These natural paua shells have an iridescent colour with spectacular markings, they're mainly green in colour with flashes of blue, pink and purple.

With its lovely translucent glow, chalcedony is one of our most popular stones. These aqua blue / green chalcedony cabochons are reminiscent of sea foam and perfect for your jewellery creations and will look great teamed with silver.

These turquoise gemstone cabochons have such a beautiful colour which is why; understandably, it is one of the most popular gemstones in jewellery and fashion. Some of these gemstones have some natural surface inclusions and vary in their shade of turquoise.

Larimar is the blue variety of the mineral pectolite. It can be found worldwide, however, this rare bright blue stone can only be found in the Filipinas Mine in the Dominican Republic. The stunning colour which is loved by jewellers is caused by copper inclusions.

These beautiful teardrop shape cultured freshwater pearls are AAA grade; very good quality and high in lustre brilliance giving these pearls their exquisite beauty making perfect for wedding jewellery.

The Colours & Mysteries Of The Galaxy...

These dreamy premium Australian opal doublets make us think of the starry skies and galaxies above us. Their blue and green fire is out of this world!

These mystic fire topaz faceted stones will have you mesmerised! They dazzle in a kaleidoscope of petroly colours.

We could look at these AA+ Ethiopian opals all day long. They have a gorgeous fire going right across the colour spectrum, making them a really special gemstone for your jewellery designs.

We think rainbow moonstone is just magical! They have a blue and rainbow glow that makes this gemstone perfect for eye catching designs.

Although blue goldstone is a man-made gemstone, we couldn't leave it out! It offers a brilliant starry sky effect and even twinkles like them too.

Just wow! These premium lightning ridge opal cabochons are really high quality, offering an almost holographic mirrored fire of greens, ultra-violets and blues.

In need of even more inspiration?

Dive into our Earthy boho collection, filled with gemstones, charms and more all inspired by the beauty nature brings...

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