Our Favourite Customer Jewellery Designs Of 2020

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With 2020 being such a tough and uncertain year, we saw more jewellers turn to their craft as a much needed distraction, putting all their love and attention in what they love most - making jewellery! We've loved watching hobbyists and small businesses grow this year, finding their style and sharing their new creations. Social media has been a great way for us to connect with customers and enjoy the little community we have created together, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing what you have all designed using our gemstones and supplies! Below, we share only a handful of our favourite designs from the year, it's always so hard to pick our favourites but we hope you love them as much as we do and they inspire you for your next make! Will you make it onto the list next year?

2020 Designs Featuring Cabochons

Searose Jewellery

"One of my favourite projects yet! This is a little custom piece for my bestie. Abbie chose these stones and asked me to create a cuff that she designed herself. The cuff has 6 recycled silver nuggets and 6 beautiful stones. Ethiopian opalsapphire, 2x moonstoneapatite and an opal triplet."

Honey Bee Design

"This ring was made from materials I already had on my bench; the shank was made from scrap silver, melted and rolled into wire, the bezel was one I made a while back, the granules melted from scrap and the gorgeous rose cut aqua blue chalcedony was one I had in my gem stash (originally from Kernowcraft of course!)"

Kerrie Studio

"I'm pretty sure I can see stars in this opal.... what about you? This opal bracelet was a coordinating design to be paired paired with the necklace from my previous post. All about the opals for this October birthday!"

Explore our range of beautiful, natural gemstone cabochons in a range of shapes and sizes to choose from

Rose cut cabochons have been a popular choice for jewellers in 2020 and we're not surprised as who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?

2020 Designs Featuring Beads

Morva Silver Gems

"White sea glass spiral earrings. All of my jewellery is sterling silver and handmade from my own little corner of Cornwall. ⁣"

Cat Stacey Jewellery

"This was an amazing commission for a ruby wedding anniversary, with beautiful rubies from Kernowcraft and gold fill. Such beautiful materials to work with and will definitely be using them again. Gold fill is such a beautiful warm gold colour (and hard-wearing, and low maintenance, AND a fraction of the cost of solid gold!), and those Rubies are just incredible, and even deeper and richer in colour in real life."

Epocha Co

"I’ve had these little Ethiopian opals from Kernowcraft on my hands for a while now, they’re super tiny and the most expensive stone I own so been a bit scared of setting them. Gave it a go today and I’m in love."

Daint Jewellery

"I was going to hang fire BUT it’s pretty fitting that the #kernowcraftchallenge prompt for today is ‘moon’ sooo this beautiful set is available from today - woohoo! Plus, I can never get a decent photo of the moon using a camera phone anyway. Each crescent moon pendant is hand shaped and polished by me and this time I’ve used a more delicate trace chain for the necklace in an 18” length."

Quench & Pickle

"Some gorgeous raspberry red garnets on my bench today. These will be earrings."

Ocean & Earth

"White moonstone stud earrings to match their moonstone necklace, for a complete jewellery set inspired by the moonlight."

Evren Blue

"I recently showed you in Stories my new moonstone from Kernowcraft and I wanted to upgrade my gold necklace with one. Here is the result! The glow is so, so beautiful but yet so dainty and soft; definitely extra special." Also featuring rose quartz.

There are so many types and styles of beads to choose from! Including round, faceted, briolettes, top drilled, rondelle, tube and many more...

At Kernowcraft, we offer a wide selection of wire for your jewellery making needs. Including round, D-shape, square, beaded, twisted and more.

More of our favourite customer designs

Paisley Posies Designs

"Paua shell bracelets. I was making a couple of our popular shell chokers, and had inspiration to make a bracelet version that I absolutely love. I don't often sway from gemstones, but I love them so much and I wish I had bought more!"

Seastone Jewellery

"Iridescent paua shell teamed with sterling silver. The pattern in each one is slightly different."

By Hiso

"Oxidised necklace with the tiniest subtle colour flash. Happened by accident - but I love it!"

Patina created by using liver of sulphur.

Ann Gilbert Jewellery

"Beautiful blue paua shell flower necklace."

Alice Rhiannon Jewellery

"A classic drop hoop design featuring the incredible aqua blue of amazonite. Also known as the ‘stone of hope’, and the ‘stone of courage’, amazonite is a soothing stone that inspires confidence and self-assurance. Inspired by wild and magnificent meadow flowers."

We've seen paua shell grow in use during 2020, this natural shell is stunning and is perfect if you want to create an eye catching and unique design. Explore our collection of cabochons, beads and charms online now.

Liver of sulphur is widely used to create a antiqued, black or iridescent coloured patina on metals and is great for making textures pop!

Snooty Ooty

"I have lots of stones but have only recently stepped up my stone setting game and if we are talking sparkles. Then I guess this grey diamond would be the ‘sparkliest’ (not sure that is a real word!) My photography skills have not done the diamond justice but hopefully there will be more 💎 to come though!"

Willow Brook Artistry

"Really excited to share this mystic topaz ring. I really like how the thin bezel shows off as much of the stone as possible. This one just so happens to be my size (oops!)"

Silver Gems Jewellery

"The necklace features a lovely pink mother of pearl cabochon held within a handmade setting is now for sale on Etsy."

Kimberley Elizabeth Jewellery

"Rose quartz, the stone of love. This pale pink natural beauty is known as the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace."

Drury Designs

"Turquoiseaventurine charm bracelet with sterling silver & pearl charms. Thank you Kernowcraft for my beautiful charms."

There are so many fun and beautiful jewellery charms to choose from and add to your designs - they are a great way to add some personality to your designs.

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Silver Swell Jewellery

"We are so excited to be back in our cosy jumpers going on sunset beach walks."

Thistledown Wishes

"This necklace has probably been one of the most difficult pieces lately to photograph. The stone is a tourmalinated quartz which is a clear stone with lots of black needle like lines through it. I love the sharp, jagged look to it which is the opposite to my normal style. I've tried to enhance this look with sterling silver wire soldered to the bezel setting."

Learn More About Sea Glass

Sea glass jewellery has also taken the jewellery making world by storm in the last year! It's budget friendly and allows you to get creative with so many designs, from drilling, wire wrapping to stone setting. Watch out beginner sea glass video below or check out our sea glass stone setting tutorials here instead.

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