9 Gemstone Ring Designs We're Obsessed With

Love gemstones? Get ready to fall in love with some incredible handmade gemstone rings!

Our customers never fail to blow us away by their talent and imagination. We've picked some of our favourite designs using some of our most popular and interesting gemstones.

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Karen Young Jewellery -

"I bought this gorgeous natural turquoise from Kernowcraft & decided to set it in an organic sterling silver and 9ct gold setting to bring out the flashes of pyrite..."

Moon Salt Jewellery -

"Featuring a rose quartz triangle from Kernowcraft & a real wild flower handpicked from my dad's garden..."

Curious Owl Shop -

"I loved this custom order. Stones inspired by Caribbean waters with gorgeous lapis, amazonite, aventurine & turquoise from Kernowcraft"

Holly Silver Jewellery -

"So chuffed with this new ring design! The colours in this opal are stunning set in my first ever trillion setting! Do we love it? I do! Thank you Kernowcraft for the beautiful opals!"

I Love Dolly -

"Rustic silver, decorated with coils and reticulation, set with a very pretty tourmaline from Kernowcraft."

The Wild Path Jewellery -

"This hexagon rose cut diamond ring had one of the most difficult bezels to fabricate of 2018. Not only is it tiny but all those corners! My first hex stone and it came out perfectly! It’s so beautiful, dainty but eye catching. Sometimes the things that look like the most simple designs are actually the hardest to create."

Bumble Beads Jewellery

"Here’s the first of the lovely green paua shell cabochons I got from Kernowcraft. What a fabulous colour and high shine!"

Honey Bee Design

"I finally got these beauties finished using some of the beautiful stones from my Kernowcraft winnings to create this gorgeous new range."⁠

Navan Jewellery -

"One-of-a-kind new lander turquoise silver ring. I chose this stone both because of the more unusual shape and the beautiful crackled effect on the turquoise. I wanted to keep the design as simple as possible to keep the stone at the forefront of the piece. I love how much new lander turquoise varies!"

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