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16 Amethyst Jewellery Designs We Love

Amethyst is one of our best selling gemstones and it's no surprise why! We love its gorgeous colouring which ranges from lilac, mauve to a rich, deep purple. It's perfect for those colourful and bold designs. Did you know amethyst is also February's birthstone? At Kernowcraft, we have a range of amethyst cabochons, faceted stones, beads and crystals to choose from for your unique jewellery designs.

In this blog post, we share with you some of our favourite amethyst designs by our wonderful customers and Facebook followers, to help inspire your designs. If you would like to feature in an upcoming blog post, tag us in your designs and use #Kernowcraft. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook.

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Be Inspired By Handmade Amethyst Jewellery Designs

We've picked our favourite jewellery designs with the stunning amethyst gemstone as the main focus! From pieces used with gold to silver, our customers have made some beautiful designs to inspire you in your jewellery making journey!

Show off your creations! To have your jewellery featured - tag us in your creations on social media and use the hashtag #Kernowcraft

Lesley from Mad Cat Glass Studio shares with us her incredible pendant with a dark amethyst cabochon taking center stage! "This was my very first attempt at setting a stone in silver. I've been teaching myself for the last 8 months or so."

Made By Miss M creates a simple amethyst necklace using basic wire wrapping skills. These amethyst beads are faceted, making them sparkle beautifully in the light.

Saffron Jewellery shows us her statement amethyst ear studs, just look at that glow of those amethysts!

Silverpickle makes an eyecatching spinner ring with an African amethyst!

Chris Lewis: "A very popular design with a rough amethyst from Kernowcraft."

Saffron Dilly: "Otter ring with beautiful amethyst birthstone from Kernowcraft."

Jessica Anna Revill: "Raw cut claw rings with Kernowcraft amethyst chunks."

We love the texture of this 'shooting star' brooch, a one off bespoke piece by Arnouk Jewellery.

Sycamoon Jewellery creates a little dragon pendant with an amethyst moon.

Lindsay Johnston combines sapphire with a green faceted amethyst teardrop for this ring design.

Marisa Mahakashi creates a sterling silver roller bottle with amethyst and moonstone cabochons.

Emily from Speckled Gecko makes a statement wire wrapped design using a chunky amethyst cabochon. 

How stunning are these amethyst and ruby earrings made by Nicol Jewellery.

We love the texture of this ring! Electroformed raw amethyst ring by Danicat Birtles.

Debra Barnard makes these organic rings and necklace, featuring faceted amethyst stones.

Rowan & Roses Jewellery shares with us her heavy, floral earrings with 8mm dark amethysts - "I couldn't part with these!" 

Different Types of Amethyst

At Kernowcraft, we have a variety of amethyst. When you hear 'amethyst,' everyone thinks of their beautiful purple colour but we actually stock green and pink amethyst as well.  

Our green amethyst is a lovely pastel colour so if you're looking to shop February's birthstone for a special someone but would like something brighter and softer than our purple amethyst, why not browse our green or pink amethyst collections where we have everything from crystals to beads?

If you're a traditionalist and are absolutely in love with the purple colours of amethyst then here at Kernowcraft we stock Brazilian and African amethyst - two different shades of the gemstone that would be sure to make your jewellery design pop!

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If you're new to jewellery making then our learn and be inspired pages are a perfect way to start your jewellery making journey!

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