How To Make A Wire Wrapped Cabochon Pendant

Ellie from 'Ellie's Handmade Art' shares with you a tutorial on how to wire wrap a gemstone cabochon to create a beautiful pendant. This project uses one of our stunning spiderweb turquoise cabochons but you can use this technique with any of your favourite gemstones and choice of metal wire.

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About Our Guest Tutor, Ellie

Ellie has been making jewellery since 2014, creating intricate wire wrapped designs. Taking inspiration from nature, Ellie creates one of a kind pieces using ethically sourced gemstones and runs a successful Etsy shop, selling her creations.

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Follow Ellie's Step By Step Tutorial On Creating A Wire Wrapped Pendant Below

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial

Take your 3 pieces of 0.6mm 20cm base wires in one hand, (if you find it easier you can use a clamp to keep them straight), take 1 piece of the 0.3mm wire and in the middle of the wires, wrap around the 3 base wires whilst holding them flat approximately 7 times.

Cut the 0.3mm wire close to the base wires with side cutters and use your flat nose pliers to gently squeeze together to secure.

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial

Place your cabochon down and with the joined wires at the bottom, gently bend the wires around the edges.

Turn your cabochon over in your hands and gently pull the two back wires and cross them over at the back, then turn the cabochon over and do the same over the front of the stone.

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial

Bring all the wires around to the top of the cabochon and pull together.

Take your second piece of 0.3mm wire and wrap the wires together tightly, I did this about 10 times around, keeping the tension nice and taught to keep the cabochon in place and secure.

Trim off the wire with your side cutters and using your flat nose pliers, gently squeeze the end close to the base wires.

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial

Splay put your wires so two are facing forward and two to either side.

Gently bend one wire to the side and around the back of the wrapped wires.

Wrap around once keeping the wire taught.

Using your side cutters trim the wire, repeat this on the opposite side.

Once you have trimmed both sides use your flat nose pliers to secure the ends against the base wires.

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial

Take the second wire at the side of the first heart loop and wrap around below the wires you have already secured.

Trim the wire with your side cutters and use flat nose pliers to gently squeeze the wire to the base.

Repeat these steps on the other side.

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial

Take the final two wires and bend them forwards to the front of the pendant.

Using your round nose pliers, hold the wires as close to the base as possible and bend them around both wires on each side.

Take out the pliers and gently bend around the front and to the back to secure the loops.

wire wrapped cabochon tutorial

Your wire wrapped cabochon pendant is complete! Simply add a cord or chain to finalise the piece ready to wear.

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