Wire Gauge Conversions To Millimeters and Inches

Getting the right size wire is vital when buying supplies for your jewellery making projects - you want to be sure that the wire is the perfect size for your design! As with many measurements, our friends in America have a different system for measuring and when it comes to wire they use 'gauge'.

Sometimes, when following projects from the internet or books, this measurement is used. We have created this handy wire gauge conversion chart showing the AWG (American Wire Gauge) sizes and their equivalents in both inches and millimeters.

Below this chart is an example of the different metal wires we provide which come in a wide range of measurements from 0.2mm to 4mm.

Gauge (AWG)InchesMillimetres
100.102 2.59
110.091 2.31
120.081 2.06
130.072 1.83
140.064 1.63
150.057 1.45
160.052 1.32
170.045 1.14
180.04 1.02
190.036 0.91
200.032 0.81
210.028 0.71
220.025 0.64
230.023 0.58
240.02 0.51
250.0179 0.455
260.0159 0.404
270.0142 0.361
280.0126 0.32
290.0113 0.287
300.01 0.25
310.0089 0.226
320.008 0.2
330.0071 0.18
340.0063 0.16
35 0.0056 0.142
360.005 0.13
370.0045 0.114
380.004 0.1

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