Wire Wrapped Cluster Briolette Earring Tutorial

If you fancy making some earrings that have the "wow factor" - you've come to the right place!

We love this sparkly design, it combines a range of wire wrapping techniques including wire wrapping a headpin and briolette bead. You can easily customise this project using your favourite gemstone beads and metals, just get creative and have some fun!

Find the video tutorial below, with step by step written instructions, plus a list of our recommended tools and supplies.

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Recommended tools & supplies

Tip: ensure your chosen wire fits comfortably through your chosen beads and that you choose chain with large enough links

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Or Follow Our Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Use a pair of snipe nose/flat nose pliers to twist open and jump ring and attach to the top of the chain link.

Step 2

Slide a bead onto the headpin and use round nose pliers to form a loop above the bead, before you start to wire wrap the bead to secure, slide the wire onto the top link of the chain just under the jump ring. Use your snipe nose pliers to grip the top of the loop and start wrapping the wire down towards the bead. Use your side cutters to trim the wire if needed as close to the coil as possible and use snipe nose pliers to tuck in the wire.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 with as many headpins and beads as you like, attaching to each link of the chain until you're happy with the length and amount of beads you would like to feature. You will also need to leave a link of chain at the end to attach a wire wrapped briolette bead. If you have excess chain you can use your side cutters to trim to size.

Step 4

Next it's time to wire wrap a briolette bead. Using 15-20cm of sterling silver round wire, slip the briolette onto the wire around 3-4cm down. Pinch both ends of the wire together at the top of the bead to form a triangle shape. Use round nose pliers to bend the longer length to a right angle and if necessary, use side cutters to cut the short side of the wire. Use round nose pliers to form a loop with the longer side of wire by bending it to a right angle and wrapping it around the tip of the pliers.

Step 5

Before wrapping the wire, slide the loop onto the bottom link of the chain.

Step 6

Hold the loop flat using snipe nose pliers and begin wrapping the wire down towards the bead. Wrap it back up towards the loop, trim and tuck in with snipe nose pliers.

Step 7

Attach an earwire through the top jump ring, push the ball against the earwire to secure in place.

Step 8

Repeat the previous steps to make your second earring and your design is complete!

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