10 Tips For Creating A Jewellery Wedding Collection

At Kernowcraft, we have created a very special collection of jewellery to celebrate the wedding season. 

Today we want to share with you Kernowcraft’s top tips when it comes to creating and launching your very own wedding collection. Is wedding jewellery something you have always thought about doing but never knew where to start? We hope this post fills you with inspiration and gets you ready to get designing!

Don’t be scared about breaking away from traditional design

As with all of your jewellery designs, you need to find a style and create a brand that makes you stand out from the rest. Of course, when it comes to weddings you need to keep in mind the traditional designs, such as the use of silver and platinum. But don’t be shy to put your own spin on the traditional style! Whether you want to focus on textured metal, particular gemstones or go completely bespoke, just make sure it’s unique – you could find a whole new audience who are looking for a design just like yours…

Think about the seasons

Sometimes it can be easy to overlook seasonal jewellery, especially if you have a particular style. Winter jewellery can differ greatly from summer when it comes to weddings, this means you need to think about the colours you will be using throughout the year to compliment the months while sticking to your chosen look.

Find inspiration and experiment

Before committing to a design, take a look at the wedding jewellery that is already being sold. Look on Etsy, social media, at wedding fairs and get experimenting with different designs before committing. At Kernowcraft we have loads of jewellery tutorials to try, including a great range of pearl designs which are great for weddings. 

Shout about your wedding jewellery

When it comes to promotion, you need to let people know about your fabulous new collection! Update your website with your latest designs, start a newsletter, post on social media and spread the word.

The power of the internet can be amazing, so make sure you are getting your name out there so people can find your business. Make it clear what you are offering and if you want to offer a bespoke service, make sure you have a clear contact section on your website to make it easy for people to get in touch with you. 

Don’t forget about the bridesmaids!

Go wild! Create a wedding collection that has the whole wedding party in mind. This way you can incorporate more techniques and ideas such as offering matching bracelets or cufflinks, the possibilities are endless. By offering a variety in your collection this gives your customer more options and creates a service that caters to more than just the bride and groom.

A bespoke service can set you apart from the rest

Offering a bespoke service can make you stand out from the rest. This gives you a chance to offer a more personalised piece of jewellery, which will be a part of this person’s life forever. This is something with is becoming really popular, with dates and initials being carved into rings.

To be able to provide this, make sure that all the information is available on your website with an easy location to contact you. It is important that you have regular meetings and contact with your customer whether that’s in person, over skype or over the phone – this way you can ensure that you understand exactly what they want through the whole process.

Discuss with your customer their budget, sizing and deadline of the commission. The more information you get, the easier it will be to organise the order.

Attend wedding fairs

Get out and about with your jewellery, attend wedding fairs and team up with similar creatives to make your brand known. This is the perfect place to get in front of your potential customers, hand out leaflets, business cards and make contacts. Be pro-active and speak to as many people as possible – and don't forget to be your lovely friendly self!

Make the packaging special

How will you design your packaging to meet your brand? Wedding jewellery is special, so you need to create packaging that is elegant and timeless. Why not add a note in the packaging or add their initials to make it really stand out and be personal.

Choose a reliable supplier

It is important that you have a trusted and reliable supplier when it comes to designing any jewellery. Here at Kernowcraft, we may be a small business but we ensure all of our jewellery making supplies are ethically produced and come from trusted suppliers – we feel lucky to have long standing relationships with most of our suppliers! Customer service will always be our priority, so you can ensure a friendly and quick helping hand when you need it.

One final thing – just have fun and don’t stress!

Seriously! Don’t sweat, enjoy the process and create a collection that is true to you and your designs. If you do that, you will have a collection of wedding jewellery you will be proud of!

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