Soldering For Jewellers - Book Review

Are you a newbie to soldering or want to improve your knowledge? We have found an excellent new jewellery book for our customers, perfect to get stuck in and try a new technique!

Soldering For Jewellers, released in 2017 is written by Rebecca Skeels, a respected jeweller and metalsmith. This up to date book explains the basics of soldering, written for both beginners and those who wish to extend their understanding. It's a handy guide, providing great motivation for a beginner to allow you to practice and experiment with soldering while also allowing you to grow in confidence along the way. It enables you to push boundaries and create ideas and pieces that you can adapt to your own style and designs.

Below, we give an overview of what to expect from the book and how it could help you on your jewellery making journey. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.

How To Prepare Before Soldering

Are you making jewellery in your home? You need to be safe and prepared!

In the first chapter, Rebecca explains how important it is to use your space efficiently and safely, especially if you're making jewellery in your spare bedroom! The writer goes into detail about health and safety measures to take into consideration, with worksheets to refer back to before starting a project. From keeping up to date with current tools and technology to clearing up efficiently, Rebecca provides a great overview of safety measures while also making sure you avoid mistakes.

Understand Your Tools

Throughout the book, Rebecca explains the many tools needed when it comes to each step of the soldering process. Throughout the book, photos of products and descriptions are shown alongside top tips on using particular tools such as flux, explaining the variation in soldering blocks as well as solder itself. 

Follow Easy Step By Step Projects With Images

Many of the sections of this book contain great step by step projects with images, making it a really nice visual way to learn as you go. Whether you would like to learn the basics of joining pieces of flat metal together or joining two ends of a ring, the images make this easy to follow and fully understand. Not only this, it also gives you handy top tips to remember too.

The projects range from learning how to solder small items such as jump rings, attaching fixings and findings, sweat soldering to stick feeding.

Rebecca also goes in depth into further metals and techniques for when you want to try more advanced silversmithing. This allows you to begin experimenting, while also incorporating the information in the book to make it work for you and your designs.

Great When When You Run Into Trouble!

The final chapter highlights the problems you may face when it comes to soldering. Rebecca makes it clear that sometimes a mistake doesn’t mean failure. Whether you find a hole in your design, or you have a fire stain from overheating your metal, this book gives you the advice and information you need for problem-solving.

The book also provides a great source of information of suppliers and organisations. So if you ever run into a spot of bother, you’ll be happy you had this book nearby!

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