Silversmithing Tool Kit

Silversmithing Tool Kit

This jewellery making tool kit contains all of the essentials you need to set up your own silversmithing workstation, with a focus on basic cutting, soldering and stone setting.

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The Kit Features:

Anvil & Bench Peg: Screws neatly onto the edge of your workbench or table, providing a flat, steel surface for hammering on and a wooden peg for supporting your work.

Metal Sheet & Wire Cutters: For cutting metal as well as cutting 'pallions' from solder strips.

Saw FrameBlades: The best tool for cutting shapes in metal sheet as well as cutting thicker metal wires and tubing. We'd also recommend adding beeswax to your collection for lubricating your saw blades before piercing.

Mandrel: For forming, shaping and reshaping rings on.

Gas Torch: An essential tool for soldering to bring your piece up to temperature to allow the solder to flow and join your metal together.

Soldering Block: This fire-proof soldering block provides a safe surface to solder your pieces and keeps the heat exactly where you want it.

Argotect Flux: Mix to a smooth paste and apply to your joint ready for soldering. (Use any small paint brush to apply the flux)

Insulated Reverse Action Soldering Tweezers: Use these for supporting pieces during the soldering process and placing pallions onto your solder joint. The wooden handles mean they can also be handled directly after soldering.

Soldering Probe: Ideal for manipulating solder and metals while heating.

Safety Pickle: Placing your pieces into safety pickle solution after soldering removes fire stain caused by heat during the soldering process.

Plastic Tweezers: Always use plastic tweezers for inserting and removing items from your pickle bath. Do not use steel tweezers for this as it can create a chemical reaction which causes your silver or gold to be copper plated.

Needle Files: A mix of various-shaped needle files for filing metal and getting into hard to reach spaces.

Ball Pein Hammer: A great hammer to have in your collection for creating texture and for using with various tools such as the doming block.

Rawhide Mallet: Use for forming and shaping metal without leaving hammer marks.

Burnisher: Use to rub over metals to smooth and shine.

Bezel Rocker: This stone setting tool gives an even result when used to 'roll' the bezel over the stone.


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