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Our Favourite Customer Designs Of 2023

Each year we love to look back over your handmade jewellery designs using Kernowcraft gemstones and supplies. We are always amazed at the creativity of our customers and how each design is truly unique - we can often recognise designs due to jewellers' signature styles!

We've looked back through our tagged posts on Instagram and have picked some of our favourite designs to share with you below. These designs feature a range of jewellery making techniques from stone setting, silver clay, texturing, wire wrapping, granulation to engraving. We are so thankful for this community of jewellers, we love connecting with you and discovering new makers - thank you if you have ever shared your designs with us.

We hope you love these jewellery designs as much as we do and maybe they'll inspire your designs for the new year. We can't wait to see what you all have in store for us next! Make sure you're following us on social media (find us on Instagram & Facebook) and don't forget to tag us in your designs and use #kernowcraft for a chance to feature. Who knows you could make the 2024 list!

billie.ellen.designs: "The gold used is part of a sprue from a previous gold ring, I was able to cut a small part off and re-melt the gold into a new ingot. I then took this ingot over to my rolling mill and went through the various stages of rolling the gold until i reached the desired diameter and legnth I needed.

I purchased this green diamond from @kernowcraft with the intentions of using it in another project to list on my shop. However, I fell in-love with the colour and knew I had to use it in one of my own rings!

I chose to use a technique that's new to me; granulation, it adds a bit of interest to an otherwise simple ring design. I like how the balls taper down and I feel like they draw your eye to the star of the show; the stunning green diamond!

The texture on the band was achieved using one of my fretz hammers, creating a ripple like appearance which is both appealing to look at & to touch. Finally I chose to go for a satin finish (no surprise there!) It's my personal favourite as it makes the gold appear like glitter in sunlight and is better at hiding wear & tear compared to a high polish finish."

thelittleredhenjewellery: "I couldn't resist these gorgeous 8mm aquamarine stones from @kernowcraft - aquamarine is the birthstone for March.

I've set them in 100% recycled Sterling silver, with an organic design featuring tiny silver balls. The silver has been oxidised, then polished for a rustic look.

These earrings would make a lovely birthday gift for March birthday,( or as a treat for yourself!)

Claire - Pop Up Jewellery: "The Swoon Ring! How vibrant is this stone?! Thanks again for the amazing stone and service @kernowcraft"

flossieshandcraftedjewellery: "I love the colours on this quartz crystal which has been treated to create this wonderful ‘watermelon colour’ "

eilatanjewellery: "When the Amber hits just right. Did you know that Amber technically isn’t a gemstone but is the product of tree sap? When a tree is injured, it cries. Kinda kidding, kinda not. I don’t know if it cries in pain, but as a defence mechanism it forms a sap to help heal the injured area. Over time, this sap (aka resin), hardens and create the Amber we know and love. By “over time” I mean like a millennia. The Amber we buy is SO old. But, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to see some dark inclusions like this right here, you’ve been lucky enough to see a trapped bug (sad for the bug though). The clearer the bug the more prized the Amber. Anyway, here’s my lil buggy Amber ring which I love."

seaandsolderworkshops: "Another stunning ring executed in the workshop this week.
A beautiful bumblebee jasper from @kernowcraft that looks like the most amazing landscape rather than a bumblebee 🐝 Carol chose to take away the edges of her bezel to show off as much of the detail in this stone as possible.
Fun fact: 'Bumblebee Jasper is not actually a type of jasper as its name suggests, but is a fibrous calcite with banding of orange, yellow and black material which is formed from a mixture of volcanic lava and sediment' "

seasoulandsky: "This is something I’ve wanted to learn for so long and today I finally made some time to follow a tutorial by @oxana124 - clearly a very skilled, and thanks to the pause button, a super patient teacher. I’m hoping with a few more tries I’ll be able to come up with my own designs and start adding some to my Etsy shop but for now you can admire this lovely pendant I made. "

silverpicklejewellery: "A shout out to all those January Birthday folk and lovers of the berry red Garnet gemstone. I love that such a vibrant colour belongs to the first birthstone of the helps lift us all up during such a long dark month."⁠

hawthornealchemyjewellery: "Spooky Pumpkin and Garnet Necklace.

Show your spooky side with this Halloween-themed necklace. The perfect accessory to make you stand out this fall, this Pumpkin and Garnet necklace will put a fright in all your friends! Crafted with an eerie spooky charm, you can get into the spirit of the season with this one-of-a-kind accessory!"

billie.ellen.designs: "This ring was inspired by the stark contrast of deep blue waters, white surf and golden sands I used to see back when i lived on the North Cornwall coast.

The larger sapphire and 2 diamonds were taken from a ring that I no longer wore and the gold was also melted down and used in the ring. I added a couple salt and pepper diamonds and an extra sapphire from @kernowcraft"

hannahmeganjewellery: "T bar Larimar. This one is on an 18” Belcher chain. 'It stimulates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation. It represents peace and clarity, radiating healing and love energy. It is recommended for people who are stressed and it is said to be a healing stone.' "

hannahmeganjewellery: "BLUE ABALONE. You guys are loving the stackers, and I am sooo enjoying making them! Also, it’s not a photo of my hand if there isn’t a little cut, pinch or burn in sight!"

billie.ellen.designs: "August babies; you are SO lucky to have peridots as your birth stone! Pair them with Recylcled Gold and turn them into dainty studs and you have a match made in heaven. Made using Recycled 9ct gold in organic shapes, these Peridot studs are unique while staying simple, they catch the light beautifully and are the perfect size for everyday wear."

seasoulandsky: "I have held onto this extremely rare Cornish beauty for years! 😅 Yellow Sea-glass is so rare to find (around 1 in every 5000 pieces found!) and this piece is even more rare as it is patterned too. I have chosen to set it in a backless bezel so you can have as much light coming through the glass as possible, showing off it’s gorgeous colour and tactile pattern. I’ll be sad to see this sun-shiny piece leave but equally excited to know it will be worn by someone."

Do you have a collection of sea glass but not sure what to do with it? Make beautiful handmade jewellery!

It couldn't be easier to transform your treasures into something you can cherish and wear every day or give as a special gift. In this post, we share with you some easy jewellery making projects that are perfect for beginners.

Whether you want to create simple sea glass earrings, a necklace or even a bracelet, you can use these techniques to help achieve the design you wish. All you need is a bit of creativity!

At Kernowcraft, we supply all the jewellery making supplies you need to create your own handmade designs - apart from the sea glass, that is something you'll have to hunt for yourself! Most of the projects featured below are available as kits, which makes it so easy to find the supplies you need.

sea glass tutorials.jpg

hammered_and_twisted: "I would love to create more family tree jewellery. This was a very special commission, each stone is the birthstone of a family member. Projects like this bring me so much joy!"

seastone_jewellery: "“Cloud Ring. Howlite for Patience & perspective ~ This stone has a slight blue/grey hue, representing the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness."

rozenjewellery: "The mini stone rings are really popular at the moment, I have lots of available stones to pick from but can do so much more than what’s available if there’s a particular stone or colour you’re looking for! These rings are Onyx and Opal, such a dreamy combo."

clairehowardjewellery: "I finished setting a petals stacking ring set. I love the pale green of the green aventurine and think it sits beautifully next to the petals around the pink rhodochrosite. The pink I set today was a bit paler than this one, but beautiful none the less!"

fitzearle_jewellery: "How beautiful was this commission. Incredible Swiss topaz wrapped in gold on my snake skin band"

silvernail_jewellery: "Wich one do you prefer? Silver filigree pendant with cabochon (semi precious stone), each unique."

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