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Peruvian Amazonite Long Chip Beads £16.95
Ametrine Chip Beads £15.75
Smoky Quartz Chip Bead Bracelet now £4.75
Prehnite Chip Bead Bracelet now £4.75
Yellow Opal Chip Bead Bracelet now £4.77
Dalmatian Jasper Chip Bead Bracelet now £4.75
Apatite Chip Beads £19.99
Crystal Quartz Long Chip Beads, Approx 12x5mm to 20x8mm £12.99
Strawberry Quartz Chip Beads £15.75
Rose Quartz Chip Beads £15.75
Citrine Chip Beads £18.50
Rainbow Fluorite Chip Beads £16.95
Chinese Turquoise Chip Beads, 90cm Strand now £9.23
Multicolour Chip Beads, 85cm Strand £12.55
Labradorite Chip Beads £8.50
Rainbow Moonstone Chip Beads £9.99
Crystal Quartz Chip Beads £4.99
Amethyst Chip Beads £8.99
Lapis Lazuli Chip Beads £17.65
Peridot Chip Beads £6.99
Flex-Rite 7 Extra Fine Jewellery Wire, 0.24mm from £6.55 to £6.95