17 Jewellery Designs Using Liver Of Sulphur

We absolutely love using liver of sulphur to create a patina on our handmade jewellery designs - and so do our customers!

Liver of sulphur is a popular product among jewellers, used to create an antiqued, black or iridescent coloured patina on silver, copper, bronze, metal clays and with a little preparation - brass and gold too. If you love creating textures in your jewellery, using liver of sulphur is a great way to emphasise these textures and make them pop as you'll see from the designs below.

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Be Inspired By Customer Creations

Take a look at some of our favourite customer designs using this technique, ranging from a dark black patina to creating beautiful, eye catching colours.

Made By Oonagh's handmade gemstone rings, which enjoyed a liver of sulphur bath to create a deep dark black patina.

Emma Scott: "Shadow box pendant. Sunstone, moonstone, gold, sterling, liver of sulphur oxidation."

Little Silver Star: "The front of an irregular faceted rainbow moonstone star pendant."

Silverpickle Jewellery: "I use liver of sulphur every day on lots of my designs. Here I used it on a custom charm bangle."

Debonair Creations: "Fine silver ammonite ring. Made from silver clay and then put into liver of sulphur after firing."

Geometric stud earrings by Emily Booth Jewellery.

Times To Treasure: "Silver fairies patinated with liver of sulphur."

Small Dog Silver: "This is one of my teeny hare pieces - he’s busy being a moody teen."

5igna Designs: "Sterling silver ring, patina with liver of sulphur."

Little Bear Silver Creations: "Morganite cabochon set in sterling silver."

Silver Magpie: "I love the colours from the liver of sulphur prior to polishing my fingerprint jewellery."

Saffron Jewellery: "Fine silver and gold overlay with liver of sulphur patina."

Copper and sterling silver moon goddess ring by Myliu Design.

Adorn Wire Studio: "Liver of sulphur gives so much depth."

Silver Dragonfly Jewellery: "Dendritic opal ring, liver of sulphur oxidising emphasises the texture markings surrounding the stone."

Natalie Bullock: "This was an engagement ring I made for a very lucky lady."

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2 Ways To Apply Liver of Sulphur

Read about how Marena, the creator and crafter of Fabled Silver, applies liver of sulphur to her jewellery designs and how you can create beautiful jewellery pieces through colouring with Patina.

Metal Patination Techniques For Jewelers And Metalsmiths - Matthew Runfola

This book would make a perfect addition to your collection if you want to learn all about different metal patination effects and provides instructions for how you can achieve them!

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