Silver Clay Kit

Silver Clay Kit

All of the tools you need to create beautiful jewellery using metal clay!

This kit is great for anyone wishing to have a go at using metal clay for the first time.

We've also included our own handy metal clay leaflet, with useful information on getting started, explanation of different clays, basic techniques and storage tips.

Once you’ve created your first project, we are sure you’ll fall in love with it!

Once you’ve given it a try, you can then experiment using different forms such as a syringesheetpaste and also copper clay.

You can click on any of the products on the shopping list to find out more about the item and what it's used for.

Helpful pages for beginners

Jewellery Making Projects

Explore our range of jewellery making projects to inspire your designs. They all come with a handy one-click shopping list.

Metal Clay Advice Pages

Read our advice pages all about using metal clay, including how to use moulding compoundhow to use accent gold and more...

Explore All Metal Clay Supplies

We have a great range of metal clay products including Precious Metal Clay (PMC) and Art Clay in clay, paper, syringe, paste form as well as a variety of tools and accessories to add to your collection of supplies.

Metal cutters

Metal cutters are great for creating neat, consistent hearts, circles, flowers and teardrop shapes.

Accent gold

If you love to experiment, Accent Gold is great for adding beautiful accent 24K gold highlights to PMC and Art Clay.

Metal Clay Moulds

Discover our range of metal clay moulds including, seashell, orchid, rose and hummingbird moulds.

Watch an example of how to use metal clay below! We show you how easy it is to make fingerprint jewellery using metal clay...

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Art Clay Silver Clay

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Curved Burnisher

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Metal Clay Leaflet - Kernowcraft

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Jewellers Gas Torch

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Moulding Compound

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Soldering Block

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Small Brass Brush

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Insulated Reverse Action Soldering Tweezers

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