Silver Clay Tool Kit

Silver Clay Tool Kit

All of the tools you need to get started in making metal clay jewellery designs. Once you’ve created your first project, we are sure you’ll fall in love with this technique!

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The Kit Features:

Art Clay Silver Pack: This metal clay can be moulded, sculpted and formed just like modelling clay and can be fired with a gas torch.

Plastic Rolling Pin: This lightweight plastic rolling pin is perfect for rolling out your metal clay without marking or contaminating the clay for a smooth, professional-looking finish

Sanding SpongesIdeal for using on dry metal clay pieces prior to firing for smoothing edges or after firing to give a satin finish.

Gas Torch: Once the metal clay is fired with a gas torch it turns into 99.9% pure silver.

Soldering Block: This fire-proof soldering block provides a safe surface to heat your metal clay and keeps the heat exactly where you want it.

Brass Brush: After firing you will notice a frosted, white appearance on your metal clay. Simply use a brass brush to pre-polish it.

Insulated Reverse Action Soldering Tweezers: Use these tweezers to support your design while heating. They also have wooden handles so can be handled directly after without burning yourself.

Curved Burnisher: Due to the soft nature of metal clay, a burnisher is often all that's needed for polishing your piece.

Polishing Papers: These papers are also effective with silver clay and will give your pieces a high shine.

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