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Art Clay Silver Clay

Art Clay Silver Clay

This amazing Art Clay Silver can be moulded, sculpted and formed just like modelling clay and can be fired, in most cases, with a gas torch or even on a gas hob (alternatively in a kiln).

Your imagination is probably the most important tool you will need for using Precious Metal Clay. Using some basic modelling skills (think of playdough and plasticine) and a few tools, you will be amazed at the high class and professional-looking results you can achieve using this clay.

  • Available as 10g, 20g and 50g packs
  • Once fired the clay turns into 99.9% pure silver which is hall markable and even purer than sterling silver
  • Small pieces can easily be fired using a hand-held gas torch and larger or multiple pieces can be fired in a kiln but the beauty of the Art Clay brand is that you can even fire small pieces on your gas hob at home!
  • Shrinks by approximately 8-9% when fired but this small amount of shrinkage makes textures and detail appear even more intricate
  • It can be shaped into solid or hollow forms, coiled, made into wire for filigree designs, or rolled out flat and it is especially good at picking up textures
  • For this latest formulation the manufacturer has picked the best parts from their three most popular clays - easy moulding from the Original, slow drying from the Slow Dry (giving you more working time), and a lower firing temperature from the 650 range)
  • Don't be afraid to experiment as any dry, unfired pieces which you are not happy with can be reconstituted back into clay and used again
  • Perfect for using with moulding compound to create the very popular fingerprint jewellery
  • This brilliant product is also available in syringe, sheet and paste form so you can create beautiful and intricate jewellery with only a few basic skills
  • 100% recycled silver
Product code: C293

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